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Challenges are Inspirations

Dreams do come true, and sometimes they come with a price. Mr. Terry Powell shares his journey as a self–publishing author. Indeed, he already came a long way from scribbling poems, submitting write-ups to online platforms to reading his works, and sharing them with the world wherever he may be. He has come a long way from conceptualizing books, creating poems, and weaving them together to come up with a book to share with the rest of the world amidst difficulties and even discrimination.

Mr. Terry Powell, as a rising author, had his fair share of the realities and struggles confronting the authors of today. Knowing that books do not end in conceptualizing and making it into the prints, there are more things to consider upon its post-production concerns. Even with his years of experience and numerous books of poems, he was also a victim of rejection and frustration in the past.

Publishing books is not an easy journey. It is a risky and emotional ride for someone who has dedicated time to creating a masterpiece in a world where money and profit matter, passion and talent are sometimes taken for granted. Nevertheless, you cannot just give up because of some hurdles that come along the way. Mr. Terry Powell, in his books and as an individual, is a statement that success comes from a decisive step to face challenges head-on. Despite the rejections and frustrations that he weathered, our inspiring author has grown even more dedicated and passionate in his works.

As proof and fruit of his dedication despite all odds, Terry Powell was able to publish some of his books entitled “A Book of Dark Poems, Poems for Children, The Come and Read Me Book of Poems, Another Come and Read Me Book of Poem, and Hogarths Epic Poem.” With his arduous labor and commitment to his love of writing and storytelling, he created books suited for people of different ages and different walks of life.

All these published works are attestations that we can do better than the challenges we face in life, that sometimes all it takes are willpower and pure intentions. Also, may this serve as an inspiration from our author. May his works inspire you to start and pursue your passion. May these experiences of his journey towards publishing his books invite you to read more about him and his works and even encouraged you to write your own stories.

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