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Changing the Life of Each Employee: The Modernized and Simplified Postal Payroll System

In modern times, the postal service pay system which records the working hours of the employees is known as a difficult process to understand. The employees, as well as the supervisors, are not knowledgeable enough about the payroll application process. Employees would usually punch in and out and receive their checks without knowing the disorganized management in the postal service. In return for these neglected issues, many are unaware that the employees are not working for 8 hours a day for 8 hours pay. This miscommunication has led to many problems that the United States Postal Service has to face.

With these ongoing issues, Larry Pinson Sr. created a book that would help thousands of people. His book entitled 'CHAPPS or Clockable Hours Application Process and Pay System' was designed in need of change to modernize and simplify the postal payroll system. While serving for eighteen years in the Illinois National Guard and was a retired postal employee, Larry Pinson realized that many are not properly trained and know very little about the pay system. Pinson also noticed that the post office mismanages the employees' schedules, and they were not able to explain to the employees the different issues in the system. With Pinson's dedication, he studied for years, prayed and meditated, and developed a comprehensive payroll system called CHAPPS for the post office.

CHAPPS is a pay system that provides 24-hours and 7 days-a-week services, and there is no need to cut jobs at the post office. CHAPPS can likewise be utilized for city and county employees, instructors, cops, and pay frameworks of other government organizations and enormous establishments; firefighters, public transportation workers, such as transport drivers; and private area organizations, large and small, such as restaurants and barbershops. Pinson also created this program initially for President Barack Obama to appoint jobs in the government and private sector without using the taxpayers' money. It is indeed a life-changing book designed to be used for different jobs worldwide.

About the author, Larry Pinson Sr. was born in Newnan, Georgia. When he was six years old, his family moved to Chicago, where he spent most of his time. Pinson has many experiences when it comes to his working career. He served in the US Army for two years, from 1967 to 1969, and was active in the Illinois National Guard from 1971 to 1989. Pinson also became a second lieutenant in 1974. These achievements didn't stop him because, during 1977, he became a first lieutenant and a police company commander in 1980. He retired as a captain in 1989 and was promoted to a major.

From 1995 to 2009, Larry Pinson Sr. spent his time as a civilian employee at the Postal Service. He worked as an assistant driver and salesman for Central Distributors in Chicago. Pinson was also a cashier clerk, a field auditor, and personnel and receiving clerk at A&P Food Store in Chicagoland.

Just like most of us, Larry Pinson grew up as a simple man. He has always loved traveling and eating in fine dining restaurants. These little things gave him joy and excitement in life.

With Pinson's aim to give us eye-opening information, he spent years gathering information related to the postal service pay system. He dedicated his time and effort to create a book that will change the lives of thousands of people. The book 'CHAPPS or Clockable Hours Application Process and Pay System' written by Larry Pinson Sr. is a book that will radically make our life better, so we should not miss a chance to grab your copy of this book! Get your copies now!

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