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Chaos in the Depths of the Oceans in Donald Ray Schwartz's Deeptide Vents....of Fire

Science is complex. While it can be used to save the world, once it falls into the wrong hands, destruction and mayhem follow. So what happens when science is powered by greed?

Deeptide ... Vent Of Fire by Donald Ray Schwartz and Steven Evans follows two women scientists who intend to capture DNA samples of discovered remarkable life forms within vents in the deepest ocean depths. These vents support life forms with a process called chemosynthesis that mixes methane and other noxious gases that will result in the creation of protoplasm. The DNA could transform energy equations across the globe 一, making food yielded from gases harmful. With wealthy and powerful men getting ahold of this DNA, dark and sinister things can happen, including development of and terrible ultimate weapon system. What transpires next is intrigue, drama, and intense romances between the women scientists and crew members who are doubtful with one another. Co-author Steven Evans is a genetic scientist. His primary focus is ensuring the propriety of genetic material in work, which makes this book packed with science and fiction.

The author, Professor Donald Ray Schwartz, has published nearly 200 works that include short stories, essays, articles, reviews, criticisms, a novella, and many non-fiction works. His works have contributed significantly to resources like Noah's Ark: An Annotated Encyclopedia of All Animal Species in the Hebrew Bible and Lillian Russell: A Bio-Bibliography in collaboration with Anne Bowbeer. His play Review and epic poem The Cross Country Run of Jennifer X Dreifus have garnered national awards. He has also directed or produced over 40 main stage productions and TV commercials. His career and experiences during the Vietnam War as the United States Air Force Major have made his style and narrative very thrilling, the way it grips the readers with each turn of the page.

Released in 2017, Deeptide Vents...of Fire will fascinate the readers about the life on the ocean vents just like his characters by making a detailed exploration and discovery of science. It will tug a reader's fear of the ocean as Schwartz paints a picture of undiscovered life within the deep-sea vents and its mysteries. The author also illustrates the terrifying experience through his characters as if he was there himself. As the pages are turned, the author subtly reignites one's love for discovery as he takes the readers on a journey through his characters. Moreover, he does this masterfully through the realistic dialogue that pushes the characters to each and every decision. Throughout the story, every context is explained thoroughly, and histories are embedded in each scene.

A story full of suspense and wonder, this science fiction novel will make spark one's interest about what lies within and what could happen to these life forms when it falls into the wrong hands. It will make one ponder the possibilities it also has to real-life as science becomes more advanced and greed takes its place in the hearts of those with dark interests.

Donald Ray Schwartz's book may be a work of science fiction, but the realities behind it can be just as terrifying when the world goes unchecked and dark forces take over.

Greed driven intrigue with genetic driven discoveries that may literally be just around the corner.

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