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Charming Picture Book Follows Adventures of Gymmy the Owl and His Friends

Delightful rhymes and gymnastics await young readers and their parents in this charmingly illustrated children's picture book by Vladimir Zaglada. "Gymmy the Owl and His Friends: Tales in Rhyme About The Animal Kingdom's Natural Gymnasts" is an engaging and educational bedtime story that explains gymnastics and its terminology while showing the special talents of various animal friends.

Zaglada combines amusing poems and useful information about gymnastics, drawing from his rich experience as a high-level practitioner of the field during the heyday of Soviet gymnastics. Gymmy and his friends give parents a way to introduce young children to the world of gymnastics. With this, readers of any age will see how the natural abilities of these animals parallel the abilities of human gymnasts, though, of course, for humans, this requires hard work and training. Zaglada makes learning fun by having Gymmy the Owl narrate the tale with humorous rhymes and measured doses of important information and key terminology. The illustrations are by Katya Korobkina, who brings the charming community of nature's gymnasts to life. The book was also translated and edited by Nora Seligman Favorov.

Zaglada draws from his experience training hundreds of students in the former Soviet Union as well as around the world, including many in the United States. He has coached and mentored teachers, coaches, and owners of gymnastics clubs. So this children's book contains information and wisdom from a seasoned professional. At the same time, Zaglada wishes to give parents and their children an ideal bedtime story experience to brighten their days and help them bond with each other.

About the Author

Vladimir Zaglada was born in Leningrad, which is now St. Petersburg, Russia, in 1944. He received a degree in coaching gymnastics from the Lviv Institute of Physical Education in Ukraine and went to do graduate work at Moscow's Lenin Institute of Physical Education. In 1964 he was granted the title of Master of Sport of the USSR in Acrobatic Gymnastics. For 40 years of his professional life to the theory and practice of artistic gymnastics as a coach and consultant, training world and Olympic athletes.

Nora Seligman Favorov is an accomplished translator of Russian works and has been translating Russian into English professionally for more than 20 years, specializing in history, literature, and poetry.

Katya Korobkina studied art in Saratov and lives in Moscow, where she works as an illustrator, theatrical artist, prop master, and photographer.

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