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Chasing Thrill Through Anthony Parran's Books

Raised in Indiana, Anthony W. Parran, Sr. jumped onto the world of writing armed with his knowledge in the military, where he worked as an IT specialist. While his professional background and writing world appeared to be on the opposite sides, this did not stop Anthony from carving his name in the literary scene. This gave birth to six page-turners that toyed with the concepts of rebellion, revenge, and politics.

These books are Chasing Roxanne, Chasing Amanda’s Trail, Chasing Smokey, the Bandit and the Chinaman, Chasing Barrett’s Fifty: A Book of Fiction, Chasing a Falling Star, and Chasing the Phantom Menace. These books have interconnected characters with familiar references on each other.

Among these books, Chasing Amanda’s Trail emerged as my most favorite, though Chasing Roxanne came as a close second. This book is an action-packed crime drama thriller that starts with the abduction of two kids as part of a grand scheme to kill a former general, who has valuable information about plans to take over key roles in the U.S. and Canadian governments. The plot centers on Jerome, aka, JT, a skilled man and a dedicated father, and Clayton Thomas and Richard Washington, who are both from the military.

Driven by desperation and revenge, they exhaust all efforts to find Ian O’Callahan, a ruthless ex-Army officer who plotted the crime. There is a tone of excitement and thrill in the book that slightly resembles the works of John Grisham, who is popular for his legal thrillers. Anthony Parran’s book takes you a little more over the edge with the characters’ sharp exchange of dialogues and the cliffhangers in every chapter. The fast-paced nature of this book also gives off that sense of excitement as if you are watching a movie or your favorite crime thriller on Netflix. If you are looking for something to read in one sitting, then this book is for you.

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