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Checklist for Pet Health for Autumn

Sixty-seven percent of U.S. households, or about 85 million families, own a pet, according to the 2019-2020 National Pet Owners Survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association (APPA). Some people are experts at taking care of them, and some know-how to feed and bathe them. Pet health is more than just their diet. It is also looking into the hazards they potentially might stumble upon. To those pet-owners who are confused, or those who do not know how this checklist is for you.

Be Cautious for Ticks

According to the University of Rhode Island, there are a lot of species of ticks that are still active even into winter and can survive the first frost. Be sure as pet owners to eliminate their favorite environments such as leaf and garden litter. Be consistent in using tick control and repellant products, especially if your favorite recreational activity with your pet is to spend time outdoors often. And ensure to get regular screening for tick-borne infections at your veterinarian.

Avoid Rat Poisons and Other Rodenticides

The autumn season is also the time of the year where mice, rats, and other rodents start to look for warmth. And what better and convenient way to find them in the comfort of your own home. While it is best to control these unwanted visitors, it is equally important to beware that the current mouse traps and rodenticides like rat and mouse poisons are harmful to pets like dogs and cats. Direct ingestion can be deadly. Consult your veterinarian for ways of pest control that are safe for your pets. Another thing to consider is when you do not have rodents in your place and you feel like this is not a problem, consider the rodenticides your neighbors are using because almost always there is a possibility that your pet might make contact with it.

Pet Diet Should Be Right

Because the season is directing towards the holidays, it means that the warmth is being replaced with colder weather. Cool temperatures mean more energy is necessary to stay warm. Change the diet of your pet by adding more food than usual because food generates body heat. However, start gradually and talk to your pet doctor as necessary changes need medical intervention. Pet’s needs are individualized that is why it is best to consult experts first.

Be Careful with Chocolates and Hearty Foods

Chocolate, grapes, and raisins are off-limits when it comes to pets like dogs. Since the fall and winter are two seasons considered to be the holidays, it is important to make sure that your pets avoid foods that are harmful for them. As owners, it is our responsibility to research what foods are considered toxic to them. Additionally, the autumn season marks the start of celebrations for some, it is essential to incorporate a healthy diet still to pets in order to avoid stomach problems such as diarrhea and gastroenteritis or even serious conditions like pancreatitis.

Pet health is not applicable at all times. It is sometimes seasonal. Autumn poses risks too big to ignore. Pet owners should know the essentials.

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