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Children’s Storybook: An Adventure to Remember

Have you ever had that conflict upon picking which book you should read? A book you wanted for children to enjoy and their imagination to grow as they think about their dreams and hopes in the future?

Since childhood, we always have questions in our mind, the lurking sense and idea of what adventure would be like as we go on to our journey in life. Children often remind us that life is something worth living. They taught us never to give up and to proceed in our life with anticipation. In the same way, children look at us as their role models and inspiration. We may be growing older, but we have to admit that we always have that inner kid inside all of us! The idea that even with how long we have experienced life, we would always go back to the memories we have when we were still kids. The adventure, the innocence, and happiness where we felt like we own the world and that there is no one to take it away from us!

That is why in the book Koala Down Under The ADVENTURES of Kim Koala, written by Janet McCullagh Thomas, we are taken in a world of adventure as we are allowed to see the perspective of Kim Koala, a Koala bear only found in Australia, as she goes along her journey with her friends Ken Kookaburra, Emma Emu, Wallie Wombat, Joe the Kangaroo, and so much more, in seeking the world with excitement! Thomas gave us memorable scenarios through its comforting storyline and warm characters that will make us dive deeper into each character presented in the story.

Koala Down Under is a book full of inspiration that even through its humorous approach, the underlying meaning of their journey is what Thomas also wanted for us to find out, which children and also adults will surely love! Through its eye-catching illustration and unique characters, you wouldn’t want to miss a single story of how Kim Koala and her friends will take on the uncertainly of life as they travel to Australia to teach us. Even with the hindrances we may face along the way, we have to keep going because nothing is impossible if we never stop trying.

A story inspired by the people in her life, Thomas was able to write the story of Koala Down Under. They made such a great impact on her to pursue writing the book, especially for her daughters and grandchildren which this book is dedicated. Her love for children and the Aboriginal people of Australia is evident. She gladly shares a portion from the sale of every book to be distributed between Kids Wish Foundation Aboriginal Children’s Education and the Cancer Council.

So if you are trying to find a children storybook that will offer you a life lesson intended not only for children but also for adults, and a book that is worth reading, ask no more because Koala Down Under: The ADVENTURES of Kim Koala by Janet McCullagh Thomas is the book for you!

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