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Choices, Changes & Friends – 1970s After Divorce

Into the wild & crazy 1970s - alcohol, sex, drugs and rock & roll, came 4 naïve, newly divorced, 25-year-old Chicago suburbanite housewives - what could possibly go wrong, . . . most everything?!?!

This published, totally true Memoir, a fan called a satirical-parody of ‘sex & the city,’ with radical 1970s Chicago suburbanite-housewives. Newly divorced with children, they only had each other for support to rebuild their lives, and quite naively looked for love - their only goal. Set against the protests of Vietnam War, Women’s Equal Rights Movement, and more. Beth, Connie, Michael and April, married too young, saw their lives quickly change after very dramatic divorces. They juggled kids, exes, working, but also wild fun to freely explore their new sexual independence. Singularly, the hysterically-funny chapter of the ‘ménage à trois’ with a famous movie star, a must read. What other suburbanite housewives could do such a thing? Yet, it made all women they talked about it, believe with freedom, absolutely anything now possible.

They laughed at their amazing mistakes, and shared their lessons of freedom for others to learn from. Unknowingly pioneers at the forefront, they became embolden-women changing their lives, on their own terms. Seemingly-ordinary, mid-western, middle-class, these women became willing participants in escapade sex, some drugs and more alcohol than needed, but dancing always. They liked men, just not the ones they’d been married to, not fairy tale-dreamers, but a little romance would be a nice change. Having new male-attention, they dated men not acceptable before. They grew more brazen, confidently exploring the gamut of men for dalliance, clandestine, and even bikers. Yes, they made unbelievable mistakes and overcame challenges, which would have torn weaker women apart, but they became more independent.

Their mothers said, ‘boredom was part of marriage, so make the best of it,’ but no longer acceptable, and the domino-effect began. Connie took the ‘giant, divorce-leap for womankind,’ with Beth behind, then April soon to follow. Michael, the last and ugliest divorce, since President of the PTA and a Den Mother, as well pregnant by her lover. They knew divorce not easy, nor a guarantee of happiness, yet also reminded ‘winners risked,’ so they took the gamble. They never had any control over their lives before, but certainly wanted to try, so supported each other in it. If they failed or succeeded, their choices to experience freedom. Divorce not the full answer, and questioned what they did want from life, for a good relationship, jobs-whatever. They grew, changed and laughed at their continuous, naïve mistakes.

Sarcasm, with a great sense of humor, they laughed at themselves. They escaped from the boring, white-bread of western suburbs into Chicago. Their only neighborhood excitement had been a visit from the Avon Lady, or a Tupperware Party where the hostess served wine. They endured suburban-blight with television-burnout, sexually-inept/nonattentive, or emotionally-abusive husbands. Real Love not discernible, to the uninitiated, but they knew there were ‘good’ men out there. One cure thought a job, get out of the house to regain some knowledge of self, while up to your ankles in Cheerios, with only monotonous kids’ conversations. A beginning of awareness, as they took college classes, started a house-cleaning service, and had thoughts of real growth changes, as friendships shifted.

Years rolled by, dilemma-decisions of children, a career or remarriage, and wry-satire handled it. Life separated them, as Beth then April moved out of State, and Beth eventually overseas with her degrees earned. Still they reunited regularly, totally changed-women, grown in different ways, yet kept supporting each other through life’s harshest realities. Definitely relatable-women, they encouraged so many others into freedom and independence, from their numerous experiences of forty years of laughter and tears. Since relationships have barely changed, it’s funny and amazing, how all still quite relevant. Choices, Changes & Friends – 1970s After Divorce - check it out and laugh yourself silly.

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