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Connecting Deeply with Jill Cawsey

Deep connections. We crave them. Betrayals stung based on a hopeful longing for deep connections. We cultivate relationships, value trust, and uphold utmost confidence in them because of our want for deep connections. We seal them with a kiss. Brand them with a toast. Leave some memorabilia for the other. Deep connections are profound. They are something that Jill Cawsey understands enough to share.

Jill Cawsey has her genuine understanding of profound connections not because of human relations but with HORSES! Yes, horses. Her affinity for horses started when she was a young girl in England until now that she is an established woman residing in Australia. She is an author of the book: Beeble's Story: The True Stories of Praze and Beeble - Twin Arab Geldings - Growing Up, Their Adventures and Escapades.

Ms. Cawsey's book is an endearing story told from the perspective of a sentimental horse. Beeble is the younger twin, along with Praze, the older. From their early journeys to golden adventures, the story unveils their unshakeable bond, unison in thinking and acting, and both fruitful and fateful encounters with others. The tale is based on the actual happenings of twin Arab geldings. Animal lovers will surely relate and gush of the book's whirlwind of emotions.

Because Jill was fascinated with horses, she constantly exchanged letters with a friend who was also attuned with them. She knew and bonded thoughtfully with the horses that she kept track of them even when she left for Tasmania. Her commitment and passion are admirable. Even more, her book has seeds of lessons waiting to be sowed.

1. Life is a Journey

As cliché as that sounds, we regularly mistake that life is a moment rather than being moments puzzled up together. This is a matter addressed at the heart of the book. With life being a journey, we should often look at what surrounds us. This was exemplified when Australia's lush landscape is vividly described. Australia is the setting of the story, and its bushlands, rivers, and valleys are the regular backdrops that need detailing of their own.

"I would argue that the story of humans is the story of making connections," said renowned New York Times bestselling author John Green. He may just be right. Also, the connections we have cemented make life a worthwhile journey. In Ms. Cawsey's book, Beeble and Praze met some interesting characters. There were horses like them that were playful and mischievous. Another was a horse full of sadness that regularly visited the grave of its beloved horse. Striking characters make the twin horses grow.

2. Innocence is a charm that needs vaccination

No one will be purely innocent once they grew on this earth; this much is right in the story. The twin horses started as innocents. This is evident in Beeble's naïve and child-like insights. Chewing off much of a human friend's plants for Beeble helps the friend out by trimming her garden. You can imagine the friend's disdain and horror after seeing the beloved garden chomped off close to non – existence. Their growth and maturity mark Beeble and Praze's journey. Innocence must be vaccinated to survive.

3. Animal and Human Dynamics

Yes, Beeble and Praze have a human friend! Jill is in the story as their human companion. Their attachment and camaraderie is a bond that gets better with time. A study conducted by a team of researchers concluded that horse heart rates significantly decreased and stabilized after the initial rise upon petting. Horse interaction is beneficial for humans. A 45-minute horseback ride can burn up to 200 calories—humans and horses relay "emotions" to each other. Horse caretakers attest to the understanding that courses between them and their beloved creatures.

The book is filled with lessons for the seasoned animal-lovers and newly animal affectionate ones. Jill Cawsey's masterplan for the community is to support and encourage positive animal welfare. And why not? She said that animals are sentient creatures worthy of sharing this world with. She uses her own therapy courses and communication skills to help animals and their respective guardians.

Connections we can confide on and trust our love with are assurances of our own worthiness. This connective bond that crosses physical and genetic borders is a bond worthy of us all.

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