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Connecting the World Through Love and Justice: Carl Anderson's Legacy in Writing

Connectedness among people requires the deft balance of a tight rope walker. If you tip one way, you end up wishy-washy and pliable, terrified of conflict and unable to take a stand. If you tip the other way, you end up hard and inflexible, terrified of diversity, and unable to bend your perspective. Something that addresses the issue is what we call unity. Herein lies the delicate balance between self-expression and social harmony, individualism, and diversity. To accomplish this, one must know the value of love and justice and how it plays a vital part in our lives.

Upon discovering the philosophy and life of Carl Anderson, I got to know his life purpose. His writing aims to connect the readers to the perspective of the world. The author wants to impart to his readers how important connectedness is and that it binds people to have justice and love. He utilizes his teenage spirit to write with emotions and convey to the people his most genuine connectedness. He also stated that his 'young' self enabled him to write genuinely coming from his mind and heart. He believes that our youthful years are useful as we go through our life journeys and become independent.

You will have a much more in-depth idea of him and his purpose through his book entitled "A Mother-Father Complex." In his mission of showing the people the importance of love and justice, he made this book with content about love. In here, he discussed how love could make a woman both a lover and a mother of the one who feels outside and makes a negation of a person's manhood when he thinks it's only he who counts. This book also speaks about a father who makes himself into a defender of pleasures and all the others' pleasures.

Meanwhile, his second book, ”Beast in the Theatre of Marina Carr" dwells on womanhood. Its purpose is to metaphorically describe a female existence that cut down society's traditional view about women being princesses, whites, and innocents. It also expresses its message of engaging our relationships with all kinds of beasts. Getting his inspiration from Derrida, he states that humanity must admit the animal also in man as a defined force for our culture.

Through his written works, he has high hopes of people getting connected, expanding their horizons, and defying this thing we called 'social norms' among women, strengthening the connectedness between people and animals, and imparting love among us all. He simply wants a better world. And as we read his works, it is safe to say that we are headed in the right direction—a direction where no one is harmed.

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