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It is common knowledge that all the parts in our body play a vital role in order for the average human being to function at its optimal state.

However, what part of our body is it that is so common to us yet is almost always taken advantage of in our everyday life? The first thing that would pop up in our minds would most likely be the brain or the heart; unbeknownst to the typical person, it is actually the pelvis.

You might be wondering why it is so, and the answer is quite simple. The pelvis – or in the plural form pelvises – mainly contributes to the balance as well as the structural support for the various motions that our lower body does, such as sitting, standing, walking, and running. Additionally, the pelvis serves as a guard for the digestive organs, which are the pancreas, liver, and both the small and large intestine, to name a few. Our reproductive organs are also protected by the pelvis, especially for women who are going through their pregnancy. The bony structure helps to accommodate the baby developing inside the mother’s womb.

The pelvis is also the one item or bone you are able to adjust yourself – other bones are more difficult if not impossible to adjust because of their natural positioning and placing in and around the body. (A. Barrie, 2019)

Through reading and studying the self-help manual ‘Correct your Pelvis and heal your Back-pain,’ we will be able to learn a series of significant techniques that don’t require the use of drugs. This book is the answer to the alignment of the whole skeletal frame - a skeletal frame that is a miracle in design once it is re-aligned, especially its pelvis. Moreover, the pelvis is the foundation of the skeletal frame. It is essential that it is stabilized to avoid the indignity of virtually all musculoskeletal aches and pains and many other physiological disorders such as respiration, digestion, and migraine.

About the Author: Alexander Barrie came into this world in the middle of the last century and, in his words, was raised by very ordinary parents who struggled through the 2nd World War. He grew up in a sort of dream, understanding very little of what was going on inside of him and all that was going on outside of him. It was not until he reached his mid-twenties when the process of waking up began. Then, it took him another 40 years to catch up and realize that virtually most things we’re familiar with, and most things we do, were/are, wrong. That was, and is, his way of cogitation.

What inspires him to write books, as a Physician of Natural Medicine, is to convey, as best as is possible, a different approach to many world problems: from ill-health to health; from the origins of man and woman and their/our true purpose on this Earth and what we are meant to reflect in our day to day living, and how to see the world in a different light to that of the current detrimental ethos of the way things are perceived. All matters relating to the above are written-about in his books, including: ‘Wholesome Is Our Precious Gender Divide’ and ‘Essay - I Say’ obtainable from Amazon Books. Published by: Author Reputation Press. U.S.A.

Alexander Barrie is a registered Craniosacral Therapist and also a registered Shiatsu Practitioner. He is a qualified teacher of Hatha Yoga and the founder of The Pelvic Correction System™.

For more information, visit the author’s website here:

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