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Corrupt Bankers Taste Their Own Medicine in Brian George's Thrilling New Novel

"Face and Justice" follows London underworld veteran and femme fatale allies on their path of vengeance.

Growing up in rugged East London, Barry's life was by no means easy. He had to claw his way up from a wild youth involving booze and drugs, eventually climbing out of the muck and mire and gaining some semblance of success in a construction business. Until he was caught in the crosshairs of even bigger crooks, ruthless bankers who financially ruined him. After fleeing to Saudi Arabia, he devises a scheme to get even and makes his triumphant return. Thus begins Brian George's page-turner, "Face and Justice."

Together with newfound allies, two beautiful ladies he met in Dubai, Barry plans to exact revenge by conning the bank. In Shades of Dumas' "Count of Monte Cristo," readers will see Barry use his street smarts and the conventions of the bankers' high-class world against them. Readers will see how his status as an outsider and his coming of age in the London underworld gives him the grit needed to face life's difficulties and endure hard times. Barry is both an anti-hero and an underdog taking on massive and faceless financial institutions that carelessly trample over countless peoples' lives and fortunes, and he may have what it takes to get even.

But as Barry's ploy commences, it turns out that the institution and its power brokers will stop at nothing to save their wealth and preserve their stature among their friends. They will not let some lowlife walk away with their cash. As the gloves come off, perhaps Barry and his allies may have bitten off more than they can chew, and the anti-heroes wound up being hounded by their most ruthless adversaries yet. But for all of these elites' resources and capabilities, Barry has something they lack: that knowledge of living in a world that's opposite to the comfortable realities most are familiar with, a dog-eat-dog existence where only survival matters. Will this give Barry the edge he needs to emerge victoriously?

Readers will find out how the plot unfolds in the pages of George's thrilling narrative.

Face is an Asian Concept; Justice is Up to The Dream Team.

The first novel of Brian George's "Dream Team Series" will keep readers on the edge of their seats. As Barry pursues his version of rough justice, audiences will see the true meaning of "Face."

About the Author

Brian George is a freelance copywriter, novelist, and entrepreneur who enjoys traveling. Earlier in his career, he has worked in construction and engineering sites in many management roles. He has written nine books and self-published seven so far. His characters are derived from fragments of his personality, and his narratives are loosely based on real people and places.

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