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Could You Survive? A Story of Never-ending Uncertainties, Betrayal, and Conflicts

Unexpected events would usually happen. The story of our life that is full of colors and laughter could suddenly turn into a tragic plot of a never-ending nightmare.

We have no control over what is going to happen tomorrow. We couldn't change the sudden shift in our lives. But what we could do is to never give up and to start believing in ourselves that all our hard work and perseverance will all pay off in its proper time.

Awoleye Ayokunle Dominic gave us a heart-clenching story in his book RESTLESS! The Story of a Survivor. A book of how Deborah Amadi conquered the hindrances and obstacles in her life as she faces many problems along her way. It is a story that will take its readers into a journey of survival, uncertainties, betrayal, and conflicts.

The story started when Deborah Amadi's life turned upside down. As she is used to being the daughter of a wealthy and generous family, her life changed dramatically when her father suddenly died without leaving a will before his death. The sudden change in their lives brought them chaos as their mother was accused of the death of Deborah's father, Uncle Amaechi, taking possession of her brother Chinedu and her sisters living beggarly in the Barracks under the unruly military recruits. The never-ending problems in her life were too much for Deborah to handle, and a family once united was suddenly shattered and left with no other choice but to survive.

Awoleye Ayokunle Dominic or also known as Domawoleye, is the author of the book RESTLESS! The Story of a Survivor. He is not only an author, but he is also a Poet, Playwright, Scriptwriter, and Motivational speaker. He was born in Benin City, Edo State of Nigeria, and happily married with three kids he dearly loves. Being a soldier's son, he has lived most of his time in different military barracks. He is living a constant change of life. Despite this, it didn't stop him from achieving an excellent educational background. The author attended the Command Secondary School Abakaliki before proceeding to the Institute of management and technology (I.M.T) Enugu, where he had a higher national diploma (H.N.D) in Banking and Finance. Domawoleye also received several other certifications and has a post-graduate degree in Business Administration and Management. He currently works with Nigerian Breweries Plc. A Heineken OpCo.

The author has always kept his humble personality despite all that he has accomplished in his life. "Remember the son of whom you are" is his father's words that have reminded and guided him to a life that he has now. While growing up, his experiences and perspectives in life have been his inspiration in writing. The real-life situations that he went through have given the author the encouragement to write and offer awareness to other people of what living truly is.

The author was inspired to write the book by the new ongoing trend of getting rich quick syndrome at the expense of hard work and diligence in today's Nigerian society. Through his book, the author wanted his readers to have confidence in themselves and to believe that hard work will take you on a better path in your life. It tackles not only themes about love and survival, but also the actual happenings in our society today - vital topics for us to have an awareness of.

So do not miss the chance to be a part of their journey in the book RESTLESS! The Story of a Survivor written by Awoleye Ayokunle Dominic.

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