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Cynthia Harry: Why We Need HIM Now More Than Ever

We're living in chaos.

Racism is thriving in our streets and social media. We're stuck in our homes, and children are exposed to the evils of the internet.

The pandemic is getting worse. New variants of the virus are spreading, and pharmaceutical companies can't keep up. Governments are forced to implement strict lockdown protocols.

Businesses are closing, and people are dying.

Now more than ever, we need guidance and hope. We need HIM in our lives.

This is precisely what Cynthia Harry is trying to tell the world. As an author, her purpose in writing books and blogs is to bring back Jesus Christ in our lives. In 1994, she founded Live to the Max, a company that's helping her spread the gospel of God and inspire others to live a meaningful life. The company aims to make people realize the importance of Jesus to the world, especially to the younger generation who will build our society's future.

Cynthia's works are all inspired by her experiences and the wisdom of God from the Bible. With her books, blogs, and message, she wants to share the values and wisdom of Jesus Christ with the masses. With all that has been happening with the world, Cynthia's books can provide people with the refuge they're looking for; and, at the same time, the kind of guidance we all need in these trying times.

Most of her books convey her own struggles and situations that can surely touch people's lives. For Cynthia, the challenges we're facing right now are just obstacles that we must overcome for us to grow. Her literature speaks about how we can transcend into better versions of ourselves by following the teachings of the Lord.

The lessons that we need to learn are already written in the Bible, and Cynthia gives us a window to look through so that we can see the light.

Now more than ever, "It's time to turn back to Jesus our God and creator."

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