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Daddy's Little Girl: A Healthy Father-Daughter Unbreakable Bond

When a wife and husband level up their marriage, it is expected that having a baby is the next goal toward their dreams. Marriage is sacred, and the love of a man and woman towards each other must grow according to God's will.

Unluckily, it's not always that way. Some couples face issues and challenges along their way, and "happily ever after" vanished in a snap of a finger. Some of the unexceptional problems that arise are overstepping boundaries, wandering focuses, infidelity, money, uncontrolled anger, selfishness, and more.

The question is, who is the most poignant? The wife? The husband? Or their children?

In other cases, some couples stay with each other for the sake of their kids. Sad to say, but that's what reality is. No parents want to see their kids experience distress, anger, anxiety, and disbelief.

Suppose you read Carl Anderson's book, A Mother-Father Complex. You'll encounter a story about wife and husband issues, and still, they choose to focus on their role as a mother and father after all. But one of the highlights in the story is the unconditional love of a father toward his daughter and vice versa.

Fathers set as a role model. They impose a foundation of security, trust, and love. They see their daughter as a ray of sunshine, not until her suitor surrounds her, and there comes a father's hard time. Fathers who provide praise, support, and unconditional love yield their daughters the gift of confidence and high self-esteem and having these traits. She will grow into a happy and successful adult.

Dads connect better to their daughters. Their unbreakable bond is such a gift from above. Even if his daughter is all grown up, get married, and started a new family, she will stay as his little girl.

There's a line in the book that I love the most! Written from a father's perspective:

"And it's not a crime

to celebrate yourself

even if you are alone

in this world."

It depicts his daughter's influence - being strong, valued, and independently free from this cruel world. Indeed, fathers make all the difference in a child's life and raise not just a princess but a true queen.

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