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Dark Secrets by August Alexander: The Cromwell Sister's Thrilling Tale

The night has many secrets to keep. Its creatures lurk everywhere, in the darkness where light cannot reveal them. But one way or another, their darkness is highlighted and exposed by those who want to do good in this world. What we know may be completely different from what we truly see, and author August Alexander shows us how this can be.

Hailing from Mississippi, author August Alexander has read since he was 13. He has always dreamt of being a writer and writing his own stories that everyone can relate to somehow. His first book, Midnight Moon, garnered praise and review as it follows the story of the Cromwell sisters trudging their way to adulthood in Pensacola, Florida. Their once joyful journey suddenly takes a turn, and they are pushed to the limits of their strength and imagination. Now, the Cromwell sisters are back in Dark Secrets, the second instalment of the series.

While the first book introduces the readers to the Cromwell sisters, the second book now follows Elizabeth Cromwell, the oldest of the two sisters, after killing and defeating the pure-blooded vampire, Vladimir. As they adjust to their new lives, they face more adversaries bigger than the ones they have already faced, testing their wills, truths, limits, and past. The sisters' dark pasts are yet to be revealed, and emotions are high as new evil forces come together.

According to Alexander, the book is the continuation of the Cromwell sisters' story as he reveals to his readers through Dark Secrets that there is a lot to unfold. The untold story of the sisters is revealed through every page, and readers are pushed to the edge with each chapter of the book. It is definitely a game-changer for those looking for thrilling adventures with supernatural beings as Alexander steps up his game by adding more monstrous characters in the second book.

The book's unique take on vampires and darkness is commendable, given that there are so many books in the market already with the same theme. Its twists and turns make it completely different as it not only pursues the story of the Cromwell sisters but also goes back and forth to reveal a little more of their history in the book. Readers will be enthralled at how Alexander's writing immerses them in the story, making them feel as if they are beside the sisters themselves.

Dark Secrets was released in 2010, and although a continuation, Alexander reveals and shows the readers that his mastery of the story does not end with one book, and he will have you craving for more. The book's rich take on vampires, drama, and creatures of the night will surely take you on a rollercoaster ride, one with complicated twists and turns.

Life is, after all, a puzzle and August Alexander pieces together a story that can be remembered for a lifetime.

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