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Dark Secrets: Untold Stories, Sisterhood, and an Escape

Some secrets will never stay a secret at all times. Even the longest time buried secrets are excavated. That makes it more interesting, as everybody wants to know it. Most people have some secrets kept inside themselves. Do you remember still writing to your diary when you were young? We always try to protect it until someone discovers it, or we simply reveal it ourselves. The human nature of curiosity is undeniable relentless. Check out the mad scientists we have in history. They discover something new because they are curious about a mystery or a secret that no one ever knows. However, there are some secrets that put life on the line and even relationships to make or break. Even covered with darkness, it is most necessary to be revealed to save a life and reveal untold stories from the past.

August Alexander wrote the continuation of the sisterhood journey and mystery of the Cromwell sisters, Elizabeth and Alyssa, in her book - “Dark Secrets.” Her never-ending love for these characters propelled her to share still their untold stories and bring resolute to the conflicts lingering from the past. It follows the story when Elizabeth and her newly made vampire sister Alyssa are trying to come to terms with the anniversary of their mother’s horrible death. The Cromwell sisters faced more problems after they came across Elizabeth’s former roommate and a best friend named Ashley Phillips. When Elizabeth comes to Ashley’s aid after she had a horrible accident, Elizabeth is forced to tell Ashley the truth about her disappearance. Would it affect their friendship now? How could Elizabeth handle her secrets when more people discover them? Thus, things begin to become more complicated when two vampires come to seek the help of Elizabeth and Caleb. Would they easily give their trust to them?

As dark secrets gradually unravel, the Cromwell sisters face many obstacles as they travel to Egypt to take on an Egyptian clan of vampires who threaten the Cromwell sisters and their families. Follow the Cromwell sisters on their journey as they take on a thirty-foot snake, a ten-foot-tall scorpion, and a seven-foot three-headed dog in their quest to protect their loved ones once again from the dark and evil forces that threaten them. Intense action and nerve-wracking suspense will surely hold the readers in their seats while reading “Dark Secrets.” It brings in a movie theatre vibes inside the mind; yes, to popcorn as well!

Midnight Moon and Dark Secret’s author, August Alexander, is a simple woman who grew up in Mississippi. With her dream of becoming a writer, she began writing stories that everyone will surely relate to and be interested in - topics about love. As young as 13 years old, August already fell in love with reading. Years of writing and reading broaden her imagination as she sees the world from different perspectives. The creativity of her mind is what took her to be able to narrate such a thrilling and entertaining book. No wonder that her riveting writing style magically holds the mind of the readers and be emotionally invested with the characters of Elizabeth and Alyssa Cromwell. Even the character of vampire Caleb is commended by readers.

“Love this book! This book is exactly its title! Vampire Caleb really does carry secrets from midnight moon into dark secrets! This author has quite the imagination!”

- Constance, Amazon Reviewer

If you want a thrilling and mysterious kind of read this season, check out “Midnight Moon” and “Dark Secrets” by August Alexander - available now on Amazon!

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