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David Formby on Writing Epistolary and a Memoir

Reading a memoir and epistolary book transforms the reader to be a confidant of the author. The reader might not meet the author by flesh but can be touched with the author’s soul by only reading his works published. In publishing, a write-up or book with a narrative of a personal account is authentic and the least chance to get plagiarized. It also contributes to facts and history from the country where the author lived. It is also the author’s legacy that will be passed from generation to generation. 

Writing can be more flowing with inspiration. David Formby, the author of “Lynne & David” and “And a Wild Dog Bit Me” confessed that writing is like pouring your life in a book. He would love his life story, and love letters are shared in the world. David has in own unique way of perceiving why should you shall write and publish a book. His publishing pursuit arrived when he has time to share his life experiences and let out his emotions when he lost his wife, Lynne. 

Lynne & David

The spark of inspiration that got David writing was meeting the love of his life Lynne in 1983. He calls it love at first sight even if you would not believe in that. It happened over a dinner party. According to this man in love, he saw the most beautiful pair of blue eyes on this young lady. Since then, they wrote love letters to each other, especially when apart. The published book Lynne & David is a collection of love letters of a typical couple bond with love through the years. Reading the last letter from this book will let you shed you a tear. As Lynne passed away in 2010, David is trying to comfort himself in his last letter in the book. Knowing that he is not receiving a reply from Lynne anymore.

And a Wild Dog Bit Me

In the memoir book entitled “And a Wild Dog Bit Me,” David Formby introduced his family, the place, and institutions that molded him along the way in life. He shared that his dad was a leading aircraftsman, so he did not much time with him, yet admired him. He also mentioned his distant relationship with a person known as Herr Schicklegruber by some or well-known as the Adolf Hitler. That fact is quite intriguing in how he had a connection with him. The author also narrates more stories of the aftermath of World War 2. He mentioned his best memories with The Salvation Army, where many of his early years in England happened. He decided it as a must-include in this book. 

Get to know more about David Formby and his fascinating life afterwar and romantic epistolary through reading his books!

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