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Dealing with Human Complexities and Problem Within

“If the society is always saying NO to you, that rejection has to go somewhere. It turns dark and erupts.” – Marina Carr 

The human being is a complicated creature on the planet. And it’s normal! Life throws different kinds of rock to you, and it is also normal! What not normal is if you allow being eaten up by anxiety and depression. However, you can’t blame other people who can’t handle the realities of life. We all have a different capacity to handle it. The good news here is we always have a way to overcome no matter what different methods we will use. 

Carl Anderson

Carl Anderson wrote the book Beast in the Theatre of Marina Carr.”He started writing about how Marina Carr, an Irish playwright (dramatist writer), portrays the protagonist on the plays/drama from society’s reality. Carl Anderson was driven to analyze using the Derridean theory her works because he also experienced being rejected and misunderstood. He thought that by publishing a book will help other people to realize that they are not alone. Simultaneously, writing is his therapeutic way of releasing all his sentiments of rejection and being misunderstood. 

In one interview with Marina Carr in the Irish Times, Marina stated that there is a hunger for huge stories and huge emotions about humans’ complicated lives. Her written scripts and stories are the only reflection on the realities that need to be conveyed. Even though her works are mostly labeled as feminists, it would always refer to any people’s hands-on experience. It applies to all her works and masterpiece.

We feel the burden of the drastic effect of COVID 19 Pandemic on the point of today’s situation. Businesses, big or small, are experiencing bankruptcy because of this global recession. Relationships bond seems to be gradually fading because it lacks quality time now. Travel goals are canceled because of restrictions on transportation and travel ban in selected countries. Some people may say that this year is a beast. Wait, should you blame the time? Or, is it the people to blame?

Beast in the Theatre of Marina Carr” book will make you learn to manage your mindset towards adversity and how you will handle these so-called inevitable beasts we need to deal with. Jacques Derrida influence the content of the book with his theory. He is famous for the invention of deconstruction. He also developed an ethic around animals in his later years and how we humans should engage our relationship with all kinds of beasts we encounter. Humanity must admit the animal also in man as a defined force in our culture. You shall overcome. Therefore, learn the human complexities and rise above the conflict you battle inside. 

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