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Death: The Truth and The Deception that Surrounds it


God created man based on His image. As considered the life-giver of man, He is the only we considered one who can take back the life he has lent us. God loves us all! But due to man's betrayal, He punished us to face death. No one is an exemption, no one can escape.

The Bible contains numerous passages that explain what death is. But we, being humans, have different meanings attached to it. What is your understanding of the meaning of death? Some think death is just the word "end of life" or "eternal sleep." But there is much of it that men should know and understand. Our faith has an impact on the religious ideas we hold about what death means. Are you willing to learn the true meaning of the word that mankind fears the most?

Author, Kenneth Peasley
Author, Kenneth Peasley

Kenneth Peasley, a man with a Master of Divinity in Religious Studies, wrote books that helped men understand and analyze the real meaning of "death" according to the Bible. His way of enlightening people about what death is will captivate everyone’s interest.

The State of Man in Death - Kenneth Peasly

The State of Man in Death by Kenneth Peasley examines every aspect of what the Bible has to say about the afterlife. It also aids in the biblical explanation of how a purported "medium" can communicate with or enter the afterlife and the deception behind it. As you read this book, your perspective on death will gradually change.

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