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Destiny's Way of Bringing Two Lovers Together: Finding True Love in The Unpredictable World

When you've already met the person you are deeply in love with, everything feels different, but loving a person doesn't always have to make sense. It's not always a day full of rainbows or the non-stop feeling of butterflies in your stomach. We will go through different struggles and shedding tears to be able to overcome life's hindrances. But what matters is that in the end, you will always feel the comfort of being home in the arms of the person you love.

Finding love and friendship in one person is a breathtaking feeling to experience. But what if you've been trapped in a loveless marriage? A marriage meant to be a life-long commitment for growth and happiness that suddenly turned into day-by-day heartbreak. Can you still get out of this mess when you've realized that your heart was truly meant to be with your long-time friend? Let us follow Jeanette McAdoo's book 'My True Love' in her heart-clenching story of finding true love in the uncertain fate along her path.

'My True Love' is a book written by the new promising author, Jeanette McAdoo. Dedicated to her friend of whom she dearly loves, Jeanette was able to narrate such a heartwarming story of a woman who encountered numerous uncertainties in life and love. It is about a woman named Judith Cooper who is living a miserable marriage with her husband. An unhealthy marriage without intimacy and emotional connection have destroyed her heart. In hopes that she will soon break out from this life, tears and heartbreak have been her company ever since she was trapped in this loveless marriage. But soon after, fate seems to be playing with her path when she realizes that she has feelings for her long-time friend, Carey Newmeyer. A destiny of two lovers in the unpredictable world.

Although 'My True Love' is listed as fiction, Jeanette McAdoo wrote this book based on true-to-life happenings with her friend. He was mainly the real reason why Jeanette was able to publish this book. Just like her personal quote, "Never give up on your dreams", Jeanette is an evident inspiration to many to always believe in themselves because there is no harm in trying if it makes you happy. Even though she is still a new writer, author Jeanette already had two successful book signings, and both times sold out. A local congressman also laminated the author's newspaper article and sent it to her with a congratulatory letter - a kind-hearted gesture that the author truly appreciates. It is indeed an exciting achievement for someone who deserves such recognition for her story-telling ability in writing.

The unique writing style of the author captures the emotions of its readers. Her book 'My True Love' gives off different emotions that we would surely be interested in. The mixture of laughter and sadness that this book contains will take us on an emotional rollercoaster and eye-opening experience of finding your true love despite the obstacles that life will bring you. A storyline that is engaging and endlessly enthralling is a book that you wouldn't want to miss!

For Jeanette McAdoo's friend who has already passed, and being her main inspiration to write this book, the author would voluntarily donate 100% of her royalties to the American Heart Association.

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