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DIGISAM©: A New Concept for Different Times

Imagine convincing someone to listen to an orchestra you, for months on end, prepared: the orchestra conductor leading the musicians, the acoustics in the hall, the quality instruments used, the talented musicians you scouted, the teamwork in the orchestra, and the way the orchestra is presenting the performance with a burning passion. Factors such as what the audience likes to listen to, how they want the concert hall to look, and how to get everyone’s attention to the performance were actively studied. Still, unfortunately, some listeners ran out of the concert hall, and some fell asleep in the concert hall.

What could have gone wrong when you made sure to study every move the audience will make when listening to the orchestra? Questions like this arise when we do feasibility studies. The same kind of analysis is needed when building your sales and marketing departments for growing your start-up or scale-up business.

Pre-Covid times, the business landscape consisted of separate Marketing, Sales and IT support teams. These three are traditionally independent of one another. Bringing a start-up or a scale-up to the next stage traditionally means building a separate international sales team and a separate international marketing team, up to now fundamental steps for growing the business.

However, the global pandemic changed entrepreneurship as well. Marc Lamont, an expert in driving business as a global executive with 43 years of experience, has expressed that a company does not need a separate sales department, a separate marketing department, and separate IT support for both departments. What is really needed is one common department called DIGISAM© department. It is an expression Lamont created contracting DIGI(tal), SA(les), M(arketing), which indicates that these three components should not be separate but fused as one with a hybrid of people possessing all three skills combined in their portfolio. Lamont also expressed how there are fundamental changes that have happened in purchase decisions. These can be summarized into four keynotes:

  1. Customers are extremely knowledgeable about what their preferences are.

  2. Customers distance themselves as soon as they feel that they are pushed to buy the product.

  3. Consumers do not want to be sold a product, but instead they want to buy a solution.

  4. Consumers do not like what makes the company selling a product great or what makes its founders great. They concentrate on the meaningful outcome for them of their potential purchase.

With the term coined by Lamont, DIGISAM© addresses also the eternal conflicts between Sales and Marketing: those conflicts become something of the past. On top, the inability of the traditional salesperson to physically be present when the customer tries to inquire about their product can be solved not only through digital support of Sales and Marketing but more through the DIGISAM© approach. Also the founder of the company and his team become part of the thought process of the customers.

A typical DIGISAM© department should also provide customer success activities and after-sale support activities because these factors in collaboration with the sales, marketing, and IT departments pursue its purpose - to deliver a happy and loyal customer who is a subscriber to your product and at the same time, an endorser through word of mouth.

The pillars of entrepreneurship are bound to change as much as the world has drastically changed because of the Covid-19 pandemic. What applied to pre-Covid times is not anymore applicable today. That is why 43 years of experience in building businesses globally and the concept of DIGISAM© are present in the detailed-written book of Marc Lamont, Growing Start-Up and Scale-Up Activities into a Successful Business, which is the useful source material for every entrepreneur-founder-CEO of a start-up or a scale-up or for people who have their tasks of growing a new business into a successful one.

For book inquiries, you may visit:

European orders for “Growing Start-Up and Scale-Up Activities into a Successful Business” and for “The Power of Attitude Capital”

Orders outside Europe for “Growing Start-Up and Scale-Up Activities into a Successful Business”

Orders outside Europe for “The Power of Attitude Capital”

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