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Discovering Life in Mars

For a long time, life on Mars has always been a question for many people. Mars is a red planet that is near our planet – the Earth. Mars has many similarities to Earth, so it is also considered a planet where human beings can live. The following characteristics are thin atmosphere, liquid water on its surface, geological diversity, volcanoes, and temperature only marginally cooler than Earth. These are observed early on in the planet's life, but today, there is no evidence claiming that Mars is a place to live. Even if there is a chance of life on Mars, taking care of what we have right now – the Earth should be prioritized instead.

But think about it, what if there is life on Mars? What if there are beings that own the planet and continuously exist there? Stories about extraterrestrial beings are not new anymore. Guardians of the galaxy and Martians have been a part of several science fiction movies in the 21st century. It would be more interesting to establish good relations with them instead if possible.

Friendship with a Martian is the highlight of this book, Mikkee the Martian Book 6: "A Visit to Mars." If you have friends, it is a gesture to invite them to visit your home. In the story, Mikkee has promised the twins (his earthling best friends) named Billy and Jilly that they will visit his home Mars one day. The planet holds many surprises that included the lifestyle and appearance of the entire planet. The twins learn all about the Martian life and the secrets about the recreations of the inhabitants.

Peter Locke's book sequel continues to send excitement to readers to finally release the sixth book that highlights the twins' visit to Mars. It only shows how the friendship and trust between a Martian and earthlings are already profound. Follow this fantastic story by checking out all the books here on his website,

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