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Do our history define us?

Have you ever seen someone who became a teacher just because every member of the family is teaching? Or how about a person who came from an unfortunate family and still ends up being poor? As they say, it's not your mistake if you are born poor; but if you die poor, then that is the choice you have made. In other words, our past may affect us heavily, especially in our growth, but that is not a valid reason to unaltered ourselves and still die with an identity of a yesterday. No matter how cruel and unfortunate your history, it's all in the past, and it does not define who you are today. You are who you are with the choices you have picked.

However, most adults who have grown from an abusive family are damaging them mentally and often leave a mark of trauma within their skin. Indeed, this is a dire state for all children who are still having a hard time to speak for themselves. Still Standing, a book written by Zizo Eladawi, tackles what it's like to grow from an abusive father and how did it affect him as a person. The book is a right to life story; and it will surely knock in the core of your heart, delivering a sense of consciousness as it introduces us to real stories that are hard to believe. Zizo Eladawi wrote the book with so many heartfelt words and with eloquence and simplicity. The information is not too hard to understand, but its depth will outcry your heart. In addition to that, Still Standing brings a message about how our past can impact us. Does our history define us? To know more about the continuation of Zizo Eladawi's earnest story, kindly check his book on his newly launched website. Connect and get more updates at Don't forget to prepare your roll of tissues because his words will create a wrecking hole in your heart!

Indeed, life is filled with wanted and unwanted surprises, and they come from various forms. Nevertheless, we should not take this off in our mind that whatever we are going to do with that gift is already our choice, and whatever its consequences shall be faced with acceptance and courage. Taking responsibility for what we have become should be handled alone. And let no one take the blame for our choices. Our history, present, and future may be connected, but each other will never define one another.

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