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Don’t dwell on what you can’t do!

Exploring different places around the world has a lot of wonders to offer – new experiences, new stories, and new friends. Surely, all of us have this dream of traveling to places that we have never been before. It may also be an effortless act from the outside, but there are difficulties to overcome, especially for travelers with disabilities. However, our author here, Mike Fox, has a unique journey experience and hopes that he'll inspire people to go on adventures despite the possible hurdles they may have to cross.

Read on this heartening travel story, Travelling by Road, Rail, Sea, Air (And Wheelchair) in North America, authored by Mike Fox. A semi-retired British Civil servant who has two children and a wife named Sylvia. Although his wife has Parkinson's disease, they still went on a month-long trip. It did not hinder them from exploring across North America, even with a wheelchair. They were able to get in touch with old friends and even made new ones through their travels. They experience a succession of interesting and, in some cases, amusing encounters, along with one instance that verge on the miraculous.

"We left the new world after four weeks in which we found new friendship and cemented established ties. If I have inspired, anyone, including people with disabilities, to travel a bit more adventurously than hitherto, then my account of our little adventure will have succeeded." – Mike Fox

As you turn pages in the book, you will see that Mike Fox captures the moments of their journey that will let you visualize and enter the author's experiences. It offers tips on taking trips – and think of how the travel industry needs to change for adventurers with disabilities.

Start your journey towards a joyful life. Go and see the world! Grab a copy now, available on Amazon.

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