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Drive Safely and Save Lives

We encounter drivers daily, and so do their misfortunes and health complications. We often hear about road traffic chaos and reports, but we barely talk about the health and environmental conditions of the drivers. Thus, the book "Health & Well-Being for The Professional Driver" by Mr. Brian Roberts comes significantly.

Mr. Brian Roberts spends most of his life as a professional driver; hence, that experience led him to pursue this book. As a veteran professional driver himself, he learned and noticed the essential matters that must be considered in this profession. He has been to other jobs and works in his lifetime, but he consciously observed that nothing compares to the risks and hardships brought to the life of a driver than any other job he has been.

As he highlighted, some topics discussed in this manual are the internal and external factors that enormously influence a drivers' life from employment to retirement. Examples of the internal and personal factors discussed are the common ailments, eating habits, and even vices and addiction that professional drivers may face. This book also discussed external factors like malpractice, social health, and employee-employer relationship.

Hence, this manual supports the needs of the drivers and those of the employers. This is an essential part of knowing your driver's situation and to what extent an employee can help lighten up the workload and enhance their drivers' work environment.

For some, driving may seem an easy job, but everyone knows it is not. Driving entails colossal responsibility towards the driver for the lives and properties of the people involved. This is why we ought to have a driver who lives with a healthy lifestyle and an optimistic disposition in life.

With the guidance of this book, let's create a community that thinks of each other's lives and properties. Learn to avoid illnesses and health issues, save your life and everyone around you with mindfulness around the things and circumstances of the present.

It's time to grab a copy of "Health & Well-Being for The Professional Driver," which provides practical tips and hacks to achieve a healthier and happier work environment even until retirement.

Get even more personal with our dear author by purchasing a signed copy of the book through the Facebook marketplace at

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