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Dwelling Through Sounds Waves And Breathing New Life Into the Guitar: The Untold Story of a Radical

“One day, all guitarists would play this way. This is a revolution in lead guitar playing, better than anything that has gone before. This is a new age of guitar playing, the 3 finger blues scale guitar form of soloing is now obsolete.”—Clive Headley

It is fascinating how a melody can cause a deep connection to our being. Listening to music has been therapeutic to all creations; it makes everything calm and wild at the same time. Like books, music can also bring us to another dimension and experience our inner self profoundly. However, music will never exist without the creator of it. For this reason, a musician deserved more recognition because in every song we listen to is a man who just lived like everyone else.

My Name is Clive: A Life Journey Through Music written by Clive Headley himself, tackles about his life and times of as a guitarist and how it challenges the image of London in terms of trends, fashions, and styles; this is a book filled with real-life events. Clive Headley shared his life experiences as a guitarist through this book—it tells about grounds on why this book is a must-read, especially for musicians, guitarist in church, and music lovers. Headley’s words, particularly in his struggles and influences, were so sincere and relatable.

Now that we are facing a generation where high hopes and dreams are everywhere—aspiring musicians should at least read this book to prepare them for every opportunity along the way and how to deal with it intelligently. Headley has his ups and downs as a guitarist; indeed, there’s massive discouragements and baffling situations. Furthermore, he wrote it with full-scale simplicity yet inspiring; and every word in pages was remarkably accurate. For all the stories shared by Headley in his book, it will change a musician’s mindset, particularly a guitarist. His book is an essential read to feed an aspiring musician of motivational words to boost the urge to strive and reach the dream of being one of the most influential music-creator one day. Moreover, his book tackles a Guitar Playing for a new age, which only proves he is the best of the best in terms of guitar skills than anyone from the previous age that has gone before. If you aim to know more about him and his fascinating music; you can check his site,, and be amazed by his terrific melodies. Even though he experienced a battle with the Apple Corporation because he was accused of lifting information from his website in the company’s development of iPod 2001, that doesn’t stop him from building his site with dignity and inspirations as he shares pieces of himself, works, and encouragement not only in his book but also in his site. Furthermore, his music on Spotify called Out of A Dream is out now! Best music to listen to wherever you are. Headley himself is the epitome of humbleness and greatness. As he dwells himself through sound waves of guitar strings, he also left an etched of himself to this world. That alone is better than any recognition in this world; and this is why pursuing music should not only focus on money, awards, and praises. Instead, it should originate from more in-depth perspectives. One thing we can learn best from Headley’s book is music is not all about hymns and words, and a musician is more than its instruments. People listen to music because it portrays a human-life creatively. With words and hymns, it’s incredible how we can sway with it regardless of situations. My Name is Clive: A Life Journey Through Music indeed renders exceptional thoughts on music that will truly make a change not just for musicians but also for music listeners. In addition to that, the book holds an untold story about a radical hardcore guitarist—and everyone should hear it.

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