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Earnest Hooks Puts Fun in Farming in Let's Go See Mother Wilkerson’s Farm

Our children should be taught the basics of farming science and self-sufficiency for enhanced sustainable futures. A hidden gold nugget awaits to be discovered and explored. The science of gardening awaits with endless fun while learning to grow food for self- reliance and community needs. The science of gardening made popular by scientist, Dr. George Washington Carver, in the early twentieth century has endless fun while you learn to grow food. The simple “how to” instructions are in this extraordinary book.

Earnest Hooks, the author of Let's Go See Mother Wilkerson's Farm: Adventures in Learning Excellence, believes that children should be taught the basics of life such as farming and emphasizes that it is important to teach children self-sufficiency and sustainability for their futures. As the author's mother grew up on a farm, he himself was taught “summer” farming at a young pre-teen age. Years later, after his training at Howard University and Harvard’s GSD to pursue a career in architecture, a passion to write emerged. His professional passions did not stop him from writing a book that teaches our children about farming power and its advantages of pursuing an option of self-reliance. When he was left with the inheritance gift of artist, Lizzie Wilkerson, it contained a silent message for Earnest to continue to share her legacy of art and the world-class value of it.

The world-class book of art is composed of knowledgeable texts about farms, farming history during the early 20th century that will give our children some context and background about farm technology; also, the beauty of farming as well as activities that are done on the farm. It also contains 12 art pieces (three in national museums) made by Lizzie Wilkerson that depicts the farm culture of flowers, vegetables, fruits, and farm tools. It also offers visualized learning of the farm and encourages children to think critically through sections that contain questions and puzzles. There are two volumes - the first, focuses on history of the farm in colorful world-class art; the second discusses the concept of “buy” and “sell” enterprises for ten years and older learners. It introduces the readers to the values of traditional farming and showcases its evolution and innovation over the years.

As our children develop their skills at an early age, doing activities such as farming not only exercises their bodies it also teaches them about food and sustainability. Watering the plants, gathering eggs in the morning, harvesting fruits and vegetables can be both fun and interactive for both parent and child. This book does not only offer the story of farming, but it introduces children to a world of food sustainability, which can be valuable in the future while having fun. In addition, exposure to an early work ethic while having fun will enhance the opportunities later for gainful employment.

Let's Go See Mother Wilkerson's Farm: Adventures in Learning Excellence can be the start of a beautiful adventure for parents and their children and can be a great tool for bonding, exercise and learning. As Earnest Hooks emphasizes: “Our greatest asset in this world are our children!” Teaching them basics in life, such as farming, we can offer insurance that they can later learn to develop and respect an early work ethic with skills to be self-sufficient, if needed.

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