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Embracing God's Love Language

Love comes in many shapes and forms. Some are momentary, some long-lasting. Some are fragile, some unyielding. But, there's this one that is universal; it’s, the indefinite, and the incomparable—God's agape. Waldon Wright recognizes this kind of love and vividly puts it into words through his compelling and insightful book, "God's Love Language."

The book intends to serve as a guide to obedience and divine direction. It depicts a balance of rewards and punishments that one can experience under God's grace. A must-read book for anyone who tries to understand how God's love works and find ways to come closer to Him.

God is the one we can lean on like a vessel where all the wavering thoughts and faith, impurities, and sins will be consumed. One has to recognize, however, that no bond thrives with no effort. 'The real truth is that there can be no meaningful relationship (whether in the home and family, even among husbands and wives, at work, school, or in the spiritual or church family) without effective communication. And there cannot be any effective communication in any meaningful relationship without the use of the love language of each person in the relationship. And there cannot be any meaningful or quality love relationship where God is absent, and where His love language is knowingly ignored or rejected. ' (Book Excerpt, Chapter 2, p. 51)

God has a love language that he wants us to caress, speak, and live daily in our relationship with Him. Doing so will provide us with a meaningful life here on earth and a guarantee of eternal life with God in heaven, where sins and social ills are non-existent. Ignoring or disregarding His love language will lead to eternal death, which is the last thing anyone wants for their enemy.

Author Waldon Wright is a blessed, multi-skilled business and Christian professional. He is an ordained elder who has been involved in church leadership for over twenty-five (25) years in varying capacities and ministries and has travelled to over a dozen countries on different mission assignments. His accomplishments as a Christian are a product of his life's mission to embrace God's Love Language and encourage others in and out of churches to do the same, and his vision is to live in readiness for the second coming of Jesus Christ.

The author, filled with God's love, wants you to know that your past life or lifestyle does not have to define your future and that your past sins and crimes need not imprison you to a life of doom and gloom. Change and salvation are always possible. Make it happen by allowing your love language to intersect with God's love language.

There's a need for the book's content to be shared across a vast community. Together, let's pick "God's Love Language," as it sets out to show that your life can be better than the best you think it is today.

Grab the book at www. and start creating a stronger bond with God.

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