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Embracing the Value of Life: Why losing it won't make the situation any better?

These days, alarmingly, teens are more prone to chronic depression and anxiety—causing them to slash their wrist, take lethal pills, and hang themselves. In simple words, suicide. Regrettably, people view these mental difficulties as a problem, but these are just the problem’s effect. Suicidal people do not only desire to end their lives simply because they love to—they are ending it due to the utmost conflicts in life that made them want to run away from it.

Furthermore, it is never helpful to advise someone to get over it with their life struggles. Their difficulties may seem just like a piece of cake to you, but for them, it is a bread made of rocks that always cause wounds in throats every time they swallow the situation. Remember that no depression and anxiety pills can move the sickness away; only everyone’s compassion and kindness. It may not cure the illness right away, but it’s a good start.

On the other hand, life is a precious gift to every humanity—and to take it away with our own hands is undoubtedly mournful. You have to move, even though you are enjoying the comfort of your road today. All of us are experiencing hard times, but quitting life won’t solve anything. Always remember that while you attempt to decimate your life, some are dying to live and wish to have an extension of time to live and breathe more. Plus, never think that you do not have any purpose in life.

The author of Spiritual-Busyness: From Surviving to Thriving, Alex Graham, experienced a near-death experience at 23. His body was rolled by a 14-ton truck, two and a half times—almost dead and hopeless. According to Alex, “I remember looking down on my dead body from above an ambulance as it sped to Hospital. It was a very peaceful experience.”

With the mercy of God, he survived. However, he experienced back pains due to several injuries and operations. He spent 35 years suffering severe back pain, but he saw a faith healer on television one day. After that, he went to see the faith healer and miraculously healed.

Eventually, his life changed, and he grabbed this experience to make his life worthwhile and give selfless service to God. Through writing, he was able to express his gratitude and to also share with everyone His goodness. Indeed, it is essential to embrace your life’s value while it is still there and use this life for significant purposes. As early as possible, never think to end it when hard times arrive in your hands. Staying alive while you fix the problem may take you a long time, but it is always worth the shot. Spiritual-Busyness: From Surviving to Thriving is a must-read book, especially for those who have a hard time living. It will serve as a reminder, inspiration, and source of strength, as it emphasizes why we should always lean to God, especially during hard times.

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