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Empowered Teachers Produced Empowered Students

Good mentors create good students. You could ask those successful people about their influences and inspiration; automatically, they will at least mention someone who mentored them and inspire them to reach their goals. One best example of this is Alexander the Great, mentored by one renowned philosopher ever lived in human history: Aristotle. The philosopher inspired his student, Alexander the Great, at thirteen to sixteen in philosophy, medicine, and scientific investigation. Alexander the Great acquired all the ethical wisdom from his teacher, which only proves how influential our teachers are.

As they say, you can never have water from empty wells. Also, one best example of great mentors ever lived is Raffaello, a noble painter during ancient days, deeply admired by an author: Carla De Petris. She even wrote a book about Raffaello’s life and worked so that his stories and legacies remain known and recognized. Since he is a famous painter back in the days, he acquired teaching some students about painting. These are some of the paintings designed by Raffaello and painted by his students: Verzura, painted by Giovanni da Udine; Amorini, painted by Giulio Romano; Bestiario, painted by Giulio Romano. These paintings are genuinely aesthetic yet meaningful on its own, simply because Raffaello and his students make it.

Indeed, we are lost without the guidance of our mentors, and we should highly pay respect to them because we will be just a piece of being without their dedication to educating us. Raffaello truly gives justice to a saying that empowered teachers produced empowered students. In addition to that, mentors do not only work for money. Instead, they are working because they goal to see their students reach and embrace their ability. Sometimes, when life brings you frustrations and hopelessness, our mentors endlessly encourage us to strive for it.

Because teachers’ reward lies in their students’ achievement, Raffaello is surely satisfied and contented with how far his students go through his teachings. Even up to these days, Raffaello’s works are being revived. People are even celebrating his death by emphasizing his works and sharing the world with his best works. In Raffaello, we can understand the essential factors of grounding ourselves with empowered mentors, because in that way, we will also acquire the same energy they have. In conclusion, remembering our mentor’s sacrifices and patience as they passionately help us shape ourselves in becoming the best version of ourselves is already enough rather than forgetting them and neglecting all their help.

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