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Ending the Cycle of a Cruel Era

Life changes as if we are passengers of our own journey – not knowing where to stop nor when it will end. People view society in a way that many is blinded by what is truly the reality. Many thought that when they go within the stereotypical perspective of the public; they will be accepted, or they will feel as if they belong too. They often choose to close their eyes when looking at the actuality of indifferences and the important reason as to why we are living; to not only be a part of the change – but to make a difference. So what will happen if someone interrupts the cycle of a cruel era? How will death and love change a person’s life?

In the book Our Last Carnival written by Yocasta Fareri, we are taken in a thrilling story as it reflects upon society's social and political viewpoints. Shown through realistic characters, Fareri gave us in-depth messages hidden behind its well-written plot and its connections to current events. Lyana Lagos, the protagonist of the story, experienced a drastic change in her life along with her family, as her father, Luis, a prominent lawyer, along with other dissidents, was discovered as they plan to assassinate the Dominican Republic dictator Rafael Trujillo.

Through Fareri’s book, we are given the opportunity to see how Lyana would overcome the challenges along her journey, which tackles not only the adversity that her family went through, or the isolation that they have encountered, but also how she was able to live through the Beat Generation, carefree hippie movement, Vietnam War, and the Women's Liberation Movement. The book Our Last Carnival contains an eye-opening lesson as it also pertains to the old-fashioned family expectations and unforeseen loss of an incredible love – a heart-clenching story that will be imprinted in the heart of its reader.

Yocasta Fareri, the author of the book, is an only child and an internationally known interior designer and freelance writer born in the Dominican Republic. Since she was young, she has always been fascinated with books, she even pertains to it as her best friend. She was inspired to write little articles when she was 11 or 12 years old and wanted to write her own book one day, which is an inspiration to everyone that every person has the right to dream. As she was inspired by reading books, she is now able to inspire people with her own book that contains wisdom and enlightenment that discusses various aspects of life, such as topics related to society, family, and friends.

She began writing magazine articles in English for publications in Europe about 20-25 years ago, and also being a feminist in New York's 1970s, subjects about women and lifestyle are her favorite topics to write. Yocasta Fareri is the type of person who doesn’t interest herself within the social media platform as she doesn’t see much of the importance in it. She is currently battling cancer and that is the main thing in her life at this moment.

Yocasta Fareri has always been thankful for the people in her life as they have supported her endlessly, especially her husband and best friend, Willy Bringold, who she is truly appreciative for especially with the author’s present health situation. The book Our Last Carnival was dearly close to her heart and will always be part of her life as she has dedicated this for her mother who has passed away, the sorrow she felt as it is reflected upon the story of this book.

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