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English Everyman Seeking Missing Dame Finds Himself "Lost in Vegas"

Las Vegas is a city made for noir, a spiderweb of neon lights and dark alleys that contrasts the gloomy city of London that author Ian Jones calls home. He fell in love with Sin City, her glitz and glam, her dark side, the feel of just walking down its streets. This is what inspired him to pen his modern noir novel following an Englishman who finds himself "Lost in Vegas."

The crime thriller follows John Smith, a completely unremarkable everyman who takes up a job to go to Las Vegas and find a rich benefactor's daughter who has gone missing. The job seems simple enough, visit a big city that happens to be a major tourist destination and find a wealthy heiress who has probably just had too much fun, go back home to London and collect a considerable sum of cash. Easy money, or so Smith thought. But when he arrives in Las Vegas, he realizes that he is not welcome there, and he is swiftly thrown into a world of nasty personalities and dark secrets. His main mission is now to avoid becoming lost in Vegas - for good.

"I wrote 'Lost in Vegas' mostly because I was already working on the book, but it was set in London. I was in Las Vegas for work when I realised that it was the perfect place, it was a real inspiration moment." Jones says. This experience allows him to add more authenticity, grit, and granular detail to the city he fell in love with. Jones' writing makes his protagonists' experiences all the more real, transporting readers to this dangerous landscape of seedy neon-lit streets where deadly personalities prowl like sharks. Additionally, Smith is a relatable hero as he represents ordinary everyday people, much like the novel's readers.

"I had the idea to have a man who is just ordinary, always underestimated but who has built up some talents that he can use when he has to, and John Smith was born." Jones says. John Smith's misadventure in Las Vegas has received acclaim, inspiring Jones to write even more adventures. ". I published the book and the reviews and feedback were amazing, everyone asked for more. I have written five books in total, North of the Rock has been published and Dying for LA will be available this spring. I suppose that people enjoy them because he is just one man, and no different from anyone else."

About the Author

Ian Jones hails from London and has written several books. "Los in Vegas" marks the first of his desert thriller series, followed by "North of the Rock," which is set in West Texas. Jones is passionate about music and motorbikes. He lives in South West London with his wife and daughter and their tortoise and three fish.

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