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Erotica Fiction Books: Best Gift Idea for a Bachelorette Party

Finally, you will leave the singlehood life soon!

Preparing for a wedding event can be hectic and daunting because there's a long list of things to do. Before tying the knot for real, why have fun first with a Bachelorette Party with your best girlfriends? The purpose of the Bachelorette Party is to celebrate the transition of being single to a married life soon. Women truly enjoy a pre-wedding event because marriage is a new milestone in life. This pre-wedding event is usually friend oriented. The bride's female friends gather to surprise her with a night party, whatever theme it can be.

During a bachelorette party, the bride-to-be has her last opportunity as a single lady to get a little wild with her friends. There can be a bonus gorgeous hunk stripper to lure around the bride-to-be with a sexy dance. It adds more fun! In modern times, there are more themes in celebrating bachelorette parties such as spa massage, vineyard/citrus farm, or the hot pink slumber party. The theme will be depending on the preference or style of the bride-to-be without her knowing it. Therefore, the best friend will plan everything about the bachelorette party as she is expected to know the bride well.

Moreover, gift ideas for a bachelorette party are all over Pinterest and Instagram. The decision is still yours to make what special item you can give to your bride-to-be friend. If she happens to be a book nerd, it will be interesting to give her an erotic read. It can stir up her romantic mood while anticipating the honeymoon phase after the wedding. She must love that idea!

Katie Santee's You Were Mine for a Time is a collection of four short erotica stories reflecting the wild phase of womanhood. The lusty and romantic appeal of the story will appeal to the senses of any reader. It helps readers discover their deep desires through the wilderness of their sexual fantasies. This erotica novel is undoubtedly a worthy bachelorette party gift for your best girlfriend, leaving the single life. It's her time now to turn her fantasies into reality.

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