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Erotica Novels benefits Women's Mental Health

Would you believe that a flirty, fun, and steamy kind of novel can aid panic attacks?

Having the same symptoms can get confusing to differentiate the feeling of a panic attack and sexual arousal. Sudden race of the heartbeat, hot flushes, and hard breathing can be felt with both conditions. Despite this observation, there are testimonials and proof of how getting into sexual arousal sensation by reading an erotica novel helps ease a woman's panic attack. It contributes to the balance of a woman's mental health.

"You can interrupt your stress or anxiety with something that produces a similar physical response, like increased heart race, but also provides you with more positive feelings."

-Sarah Jane, Blogger

In case you need a go-to erotica novel, I highly recommend you to read You Were Mine for a Time by Katie Santee. You will read a compilation of four short erotic stories: "Dr. Kevin," "No Name," "A New Kind of Love," and "Hot Stuff." All are crafted to entice the mature lady into a sexual awareness of her inner self. Having four stories in one book is a jackpot, right? As you delve into each story, it will show you how a woman deals with reaching her ultimate satisfaction. Besides giving you this sexual sensation and flirty rapport when reading, it also brings you a man's perspective about a woman going on a gynecological exam. There are more lessons to learn about a woman's sexuality in the book.

Moreover, the lusty romance context helps the readers discover their sexual limits through the wildest fantasies ever conceived. What makes it more an exhilarating read is that it offers all kinds of twists and turns to keep the readers engaged. The conversations are fun, expressive, and sensual at every page you turn. Reading You Were Mine for a Time by Katie Santee can eliminate your real-life anxiety by diverting you with stories filled with intense sensual desire and explore the fantasies you have to uncover with yourself.

Grab your copy now on Amazon!

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