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Escape the Quarantine Boredom Through These Books

It has been months already since everyone was encouraged, or for some, were required to stay at home. Due to quarantine, people’s recreational activities were limited, making quarantine a boring thing. You might be one of those looking for something productive and exciting to do other than scrolling through social media during the quarantine. Well, you might want to start reading books to escape the reality of pandemic.

If you are searching for the best book to immerse yourself with, why not try reading some poetry books? Poems will make you fall in love with words and stanzas, leaving you wondering how much words could make you feel all sorts of emotions. So, here are the best five poetry books you could read, not just to escape boredom, but to feel alive.

According to the author of the book, the collection of poems was written in the early ’70s. What’s impressive is that the poems were written almost 50 years ago, yet each word, each stanza, each phrase still gives hope and joy and a trail of emotions to its reader up to this day. It is also filled with incredible artworks that children and adults will surely love.

When the Stars Wrote Back is a compilation of short yet powerful poems written by Trista Mateer, an Instagram sensation. The poems were magically written as it touches the hearts of its readers. The book is filled with verses about relationships, love, growing up, and learning to cope. You will surely learn a thing or two from this book. Plus, it has an aesthetic book cover, too.

In this poetry book, author and poet Erica Lewis made an incredible introduction making it easy for the readers to grasp the context of each poem. What makes this book a great one is that it has a collection of photographs and is filled with fast-moving, pop-filled, history-steeped poems.

With gorgeous multimedia paintings-and-collages, All Welcome Here is considered as a great picture book for children. It is filled with haiku poems about all the excitement, challenges, and anxieties brought by children’s first day of school. Old and children alike will surely relate to this poetry book.

If you are looking for a poetry book that will make you fall and believe in love, then this one is for you. It is Edgar Holmes’ debut collection of poetry, an ode to his muse. Each poem is filled with emotions that make you want to smile, cry, dance and laugh. This book will make you understand how it feels to find love, lose it, and get it back.

Staying at home could be boring at times, but once you read the books listed above, you will surely find yourself enjoying every single moment of your quarantine life. It is time to pour yourself some coffee and curl up with poetry books to let yourself feel something beautiful and true.

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