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Euphoric Feeling Hidden behind its Thrilling Story: A Crime Fiction Book

Isn't it fascinating how crime fiction gives us vast imagination as to what human behavior exactly is? The unexpected twist and plot that take its readers into an immense world of the author's imagination. The thrilling and suspenseful scenarios invoke people's emotions and would bring them into the various questions of "What will happen next?". The alluring mind games behind crime fiction are what give satisfaction to its readers. It feeds off their desire to complete the puzzle and solve the mystery of the unknown. The adrenaline rush and excitement we feel as we read a crime fiction book is what Brian George felt as he writes through his soul the second book of Face and Honour: Another Dream Team Adventure.

In the second book of the Dream Team adventure, we were able to see how Barry, Annie, and Stella's matchmaking vacation in Thailand ended with a sudden twist as they faced a woman who commits to human trafficking. With Stella's father's greed for gaining honor, he attempted to kidnap and sell his daughter, and that takes them across West Africa. The obstacles and problems they faced have brought them to fight injustices in their unique way.

The second book of Face and Honour: Another Dream Team Adventure tackles cultural concepts of face and honor that emphasize religion, voodoo, meditation, and other aspects in the society that would give its readers a new perspective within humankind. The Dream Team's normal anti-establishmentarianism leads them to pursue violent retributions through their journey.

"I keep much in my head, and occasionally take notes. The character will be based on a visual of a real person, but their story comes from my imagination." - Brian George.

Brian George, the author of the book, compared himself to the Dream Team's protagonist, Barry Parker. His love for writing and partying has brought his imagination to create characters and adventures that he would also relate to. Through the different experiences he has been through, Brian George made real-life situations in his novels. His book was based on real people and places that were closely important to his heart.

"I like the genre because I can relate it to real life and make the action fit my imagination. I can make even the strangest story plausible." - Brian George.

When asked why he has grown fond of writing crime fiction books, Brian George answered without hesitation. He has given his passion and effort to publish a book that he truly loves as an author. Brian also confessed that reading and books are his love for educating people and bringing out the creativity inside all of us.

For Brian, books helped him rise above the current clamor and divisions in society since Brexit. They never fail to give him answers to his questions when he is looking for them.

So if you are looking for a book full of adventure and twists, Face and Honour: Another Dream Team Adventure by Brian George is the book for you! Do not miss that euphoric feeling that this book would definitely make you feel!

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