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Everyone Deserves A Little Sunshine

"In life, we worry about what kind of food we eat and what type of clothes we wear. We cry about the love we lost, and we don't cherish the love we have." - An excerpt from the book They Could Not Stop The Butterfly written by Poet.

In reality, we tend to neglect the most important aspects of our life because we would usually look at the world as black and white. We have this thought that we need to do well in everything to survive, and in return, we regret the moments we didn't cherish with our loved ones. Despite all the pains and tribulations along our way, loving one another should always be within us. A driving force that should make us see the beauty and kindness in every people that we meet. Just like how the author of the book They Could Not Stop The Butterfly, author Poet wanted us to realize that "We are a human race and we should put love and caring to make the Earth a better place."

Growth is a never-ending process. Just like how seeds turn into full-grown plants or a caterpillar who transforms into a beautiful and mesmerizing butterfly, we should not limit ourselves with what we could become. The book They Could Not Stop The Butterfly teaches us that there is always hope that you will soon achieve what you are aiming for. It reminds us that the sweat and tears will all be worth it in its proper time. It is a book that contains themes that we are deeply connected with - love, betrayal, hatred, regret, and so much more. Topics that would make us reflect and ponder upon our emotions and thoughts.

They Could Not Stop The Butterfly is a well-written book that captures the heart of its readers because of its deep and meaningful words. It is a compilation of poetry and prose that tackles the reality of what is happening in society. It aims to broaden our hearts and minds of the difficulties and struggles that we have to face in our life. It is a simple yet engaging book recommended to everyone despite their age.

Poet, the author of this incredible book, has never stopped hoping to become a better version of herself. Poet wanted to be an accomplished writer that will inspire everyone. Through her book and beautiful writing style, she reminds us that we are living in a wonderful world. A sense of love becomes much stronger when we realize that each day passing is something to be grateful for. Despite the scars that this world has brought to us, we can also turn into an enchanting butterflies. Butterflies will lead you to the sunny side of life, and everyone deserves a little sunshine.

Poet lives in Brooklyn, New York. She has always loved reading books and listening to classical music. Poet attended Hunter College and is currently working in law enforcement. Her ambitious and hard-working personality didn't stop her from being an inventor and achieving her own trousseau collection.

Just like the title of the book, They Could Not Stop The Butterfly, no one can hold us back, and we can always change the world to make it a better place. It is a book that is definitely worth reading!

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