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Experiencing Life Through the Poems of Craig Lanyon

"So whichever way the winds may blow: North, South, East or West. So long as I am sailing strong."

With words that deeply touch the human soul, Craig Lanyon's "Thoughts from a Mountain" paints his own encounter with day-to-day life into enchanting tales in forms of poetry, ready for those who would kindly accept them.

Words weaved with gentleness, this book envelopes you with prose that centers around the human experience: the ups and downs of it, the miracles it sometimes grants, and the sweet reprieve it often gifts the warry. Lanyon's book provides a stop-over for the busy soul. A brief pause from the loudness of everyday life, filled with simple yet heartfelt phrases and words for the restless body to lean on.

Growing up on a farm where his mother and father worked, the author is no stranger to the wondrous simplicity of life. Living his younger years with energetic vigor, being fascinated by sports, he was truly a man that was honed by nothing but the dirt that touched the soles of his feet and the wind that breezed the skin of his back. Even now, Lanyon spends his days in the abundant greenery of his farm, alongside his trusty furry friend, jotting down his musings and dispositions then turning them into literary verses.

"I have a lot of poems I've kept in diaries over the years. I still love writing as it's a way of gathering your thoughts no matter what mood I'm in." Lanyon says.

Detailing life's essence in ways in order to make people feel them may sound easy to some, but for others who have already got so much on their plate, forget what it truly means to be alive. The fleeting moments that carried us from point A to point B all boil into a blur due to how much in a rush the common man seems to be. 'Thoughts from a Mountain' helps you recollect your whole perception of what it takes to be human: the heartbreak, the fear, the rejection, and the excitement of it all. Detailed in ways people of all ages could relate to. To reflect upon what life brings and takes away. It prevents the apathetic from idly going with the heavy motions of the world, unperturbed by the little sensitivities life throws. He regales the reader with stories on seeking love through treacherous journeys, reflection on forgiveness and the act of forgetting, and being steadfast to what makes the human hopeful for what tomorrow could bring. The book reminds you how much of an experience that is, that life is more than what is now. He makes you ponder about all the moments you have lost along the way, regardless of the weight, so that you may gather them up as fuel for your next waking day.

Craig Lanyon wants you to pause for a moment and experience the forgotten feeling of genuine living with the help of his words. With 'Thoughts from a Mountain,' he shares all of that in neatly bound pages, ready for you to sink into.

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