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Exploring the Nature of Free Will, The Almighty's Plan, and Humanity's Purpose

Hailing from Latvia, Nick Mezins was privileged to inherit the treatises of his parents, who belonged to a small group of thinkers who contemplated and conversed with The Almighty’s spirits, gaining profound insights. Now he shares the wisdom he has inherited, translating their works into English so that readers may hear of "The Tidings" of spiritual and philosophical matters.

"The Tidings" compile the group's conversations with the spirits starting in Latvia during 1943 and continuing through 1971 when they moved to the Volume One. According to Mezins and his predecessors, these Tidings are messages from spirits to show humanity the right path to attaining ideal and happy lives on an individual level and a societal one. The first installment of the series, "The Tidings: Volume One, November 1943 to January 1945," covers the early stages of their contacts with the divine and the beginning of their learnings. These discussions explore the concept of free will and expound on how The Almighty has given humanity - and other intelligent beings on other worlds - free will to do as they please, with the guidance of the basic principles provided by God through the prophets. Thus, humans bear full responsibility for their actions or inactions.

"Man cannot blame anyone other than himself/herself if things go bad. Man gladly takes credit if things go well, but looks for a scapegoat should things turn astray. Sorry – man himself/herself is the scapegoat. This concept is very important and man has to understand the full ramifications of it," Mezins says.

Mezins practically grew up with these Tidings and was present at many conversations. While initially, he did not feel that these spiritual matters were for him, during his work in the Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory in New Mexico, strange coincidences reminded him of things he heard of in the Tidings. So, he perused his parents' manuscript and rekindled his connection with his family's legacy, ultimately deciding to publish it so that it would be available to others who wish to explore spirituality and faith.

About the Translator

Nick Mezins was born in Riga, Latvia, in 1936. He migrated to the United States in 1950 and earned a degree in Electrical Engineering and a Master's. He served in the United States Army and was deployed in Vietnam. After retiring from military service, he worked as an electrical engineer in the Los Alamos laboratory.

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