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Facing College/University Life with the Spiritual Vigor

Going out to college means going out of our comfort zones. Some even literally move out of their homes and face a new world. But isn't it what we wished for, to be accepted and admitted to college or university? Whether it's our desire or not, as long as it gives us the promise of a better future?

In the book "The Young Christian at University: Overcoming Challenges as a Student" by Hayford_Akowuah, we are provided with the guidance of surviving college life as young adults who believe in God.

Do you remember your first day at the university? Do you remember how it feels to be overwhelmed with the vastness of the university ground and seemingly endless buildings and classrooms? Do you remember the first days that you spent along the hallways with your newly met college friends? Or the horror it gave you while waiting for your test results? All of these seem horrifying and overwhelming, and these are precisely the reason why we need this book.

As Hayford Akowuah said, "the book is to not only to guide them in terms of conduct in a challenging environment but also to serve as an inspiration for young Christians to seek to fulfill

their God-ordained purpose even in their universities.

Our faithful author shares with us the importance of our spiritual strength amid academic and social pressures. He even mentioned how the book came about, and surprisingly it was in his lowest of times when this book comes to reality.

Let's take inspiration from this work of faith. Together let us reflect on how we can serve God while reaching for our dreams. Let us read through the words of Akowuah and look forward to the best version of ourselves in fulfilling God's earnest desire for each one of us despite a complex society.

During your college or university days, you may even start questioning the existence of God, and this difficult question is what Akowuah would like you to get rid of. When we feel knowledgeable of mainstream education and higher academic learning, may we never forget our religious duty to God and His people.

A copy of this book is available through Amazon. You may also follow the personal social media accounts of Mr.Akowuah on Instagram: Hayford_Akowuah, Twitter: Hayford_Akowuah, and Facebook: Hayford Nana-Osei Akowuah.

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