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Families are Forever, Whenever, Wherever

In this book by L.A. Brand entitled "Families are Forever," we are drawn into the realities of having a family amid life's uncertainties and chaos. Our author will bring us into a mixed emotion of frustration, separation, anguish, longing, happiness, and love all at once. We are told of a beautiful story of a family who has it all together until one day, the father, as the head of the family, snapped and gone with no warnings, leaving the family behind.

This well-crafted book came into being without it being the main plan. When L.A. Brand searched and gathered data for her family lineage, it made her realize that it can be a start to create a good book. Currently, L.A. Brand, 72 years old, is spending her retirement in Spain.

Although this book is general fiction, it is well researched and encompassed with facts and historical glimpses among different cultures inspired by L.A. Brand's ancestors belonging to French Huguenot Silk Weavers, Jewish, and Romany Gypsy.

In this masterpiece, we witness how the lives of a couple and their newly formed family cope up with the challenges and hurdles that occur in their lives. As a young couple and an unwanted union, James and Sara pursued their lives together despite the latter being despised by her own family. As they discover the wonders of raising a family with their two children, life has its way of dropping even more surprising, and sudden life turns like the untimely passing of James and the unprecedented death of Sara.

With their family falling apart, the latter part of the book would show how the kids remain steadfast in their way to life after losing both parents. But as they say, when it rains, it pours; the siblings faced further demise of losing each other while surviving their lives into adulthood. This book will unfold how two siblings strive and exerted effort to bring them back together. And in their quest to find each other, this work will make us realize that family may sometimes mean people outside our bloodline. "Families are Forever" gives us a bigger picture that a family's love may come from the connection built between friends and networks formed along our journey in life.

Together let us read this beautiful work and get ready to have your heart broken and smile and cry, all at once, while we ride the tide of emotions this work has to share.

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