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Fighting A Common Enemy: The Killing Things by Arthur Wiederhold

Long-time enemies are considered enemies and cannot be trusted, but can foes become friends to eliminate a bigger enemy when a threat is imminent?

Veteran author Arthur Wiederhold’s new and exciting novel enters the common enemies to friends’ theme but does so with a twist, a pull, and a plot that readers will surely immerse themselves in, set in an unprecedented jungle with unseen dangers ahead.

Set in the Central Highlands of Vietnam at the height of the U.S. Vietnamese war, The Killer Things by Arthur Wiederhold begins when a group of American pilots notice something large and heavy moving through the area of Fort Nowhere. Assuming that it must be a ploy by the Vietnamese enemies, Lieutenant John Barrows and his squad are sent to investigate the phenomena. Unbeknownst to them, North Vietnamese Army captain Ho Huong is also sent on a mission with two objectives: to locate the bands of rogue Viet Congs terrorizing the villagers south of the DMZ, terminating them along the way, and look into the reports of the movement in the jungle. As the two squads of soldiers carry out their orders, they clash. However, both the Lieutenant and the Captain realize that a bigger, more dangerous enemy inside the jungle, causing death and destruction. One force is not enough, and they must come together to defeat the enemy. At the height of the war, the two consider themselves mortal enemies but with a threat that intends to bring chaos on both sides, will they be able to set aside their differences and find a way to work together? Will the impossible becomes impossible to eliminate the bigger threat? That is the question.

With that in mind, The Killer Things commits to a high level of graphic images and narrative that readers could only imagine. The novel is part of Wiederhold’s plethora of diverse works that tells of aliens, the supernatural, war, and romance. The book is a different take on the matters of war as Wiederhold presents a terrifying situation 一 in a war-torn jungle already burdened with chaos and death with another, a bigger enemy that presents itself as a danger to human life.

The author, Arthur Wiederhold, is an author of more than 30 novels, including a cookbook. He has worked in many different professions as a war correspondent, photographer, cartoonist, artist, soldier, sailor, professional baseball player, chef, international reporter, and paranormal investigator. With his experience, he has also created a fantasy role-playing game called Second Dawn which became popular among American soldiers in Europe. His love for writing blossomed while he was still studying at Bushwick Highschool. From then on, he has established himself in the literature world and everywhere else.

The Killer Things is a novel that will have the readers on the edge of their seats due to the fact that growing tensions not only come from both sides but also in the jungle where they must confront their common enemy 一 together.

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