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Finding Peace and Love in the Poems of Missee Nelligan

As COVID continues to ravage, the entire world and uncertainties seem to be our future; finding peace and love amongst others is a lost cause. Lately, everything has been too chaotic, and we have been burdened with anxiety caused by our worries about everything. Along with that, our perspectives have been clouded by our need to be right or our need to become the best, which messes with our peace of mind. Three years on, and we're at a loss as to where all this goes, but author Missee Nelligan offers a different kind of literature that will give you peace and love.

Author Missee Nelligan is a lover of photography and all new things in the world. Her positivity is evidence that looking towards the future instead of dwelling in the past will make us see beauty, even in the ugliest of places. Her books Don't Stop (2021), Smile For You (2021), You are Your Happiness (2021) are all compilations of inspiring poetry with photography that the author took herself. These are poems that talk about love, beauty, and positivity that show the readers that there is some good in this world and that there are things we can look forward to. In August of 2021, she independently published It's All Connected, the compilation of the three books she has already published, along with a few more poems meant to inspire the readers.

The books vary in length, but Missee Nelligan showcases her love of photography in this book by exhibiting nature, beautiful insects, landscapes, flowers, and of course, people. Vibrant people, smiling with glee as she snaps a picture. The poems are creatively written and perpetuate simplicity but can easily touch the heart and warm your soul. Each stanza is a product of love, and the wholesome poems are breathtakingly beautiful, and each picture conveys the paradise of this world in a short few pages.

The uplifting poems not only inspire but also gives the readers a new perspective about life entirely. By capturing the beauty of the world, Missee Nelligan teaches her readers that even in our darkest times, we can enable ourselves to look past the struggle and see the big picture. The one that is not clouded by any obstacles or fears. The readers will not only enthrall themselves in the beauty of nature and the world in these books but also allow them to have a little time to relax, rest and take it all in.

The kindness that the author offers is unmatched, and now that we need to find some peace, rest, and love in the world, Missee Nelligan not only offers a warm hug but a unique kind of care that transcends through her words. The author not only talks about love though but also touches on the darkness of life but does so with a subtlety that encourages the readers to acknowledge that life is indeed hard, but there will always be rainbows after the rain.

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