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Finding the Way, Truth, and Life through Poems Written by Noah Ndhlovu

To fully experience God’s promises, it is expected that one must confine himself to the Holy Word. Reside on its verses as a way to find His truths through every verse that declares love and power. The Bible has always been the go-to way to understand what and who God really is. Though we must admit that sometimes simply reading and devoting your time to reading the Bible may get repetitive, and when worst comes to worst, we may even get tired of it. That is why Christian supplements are a must in one’s journey through faith: some might listen to religious songs, watch sermons from their preferred pastors, and read testimonies. Noah Ndhlovu’s ‘Psalms of Noah’ offers the spiritually growing soul creative literature as a means to guide it on its way to God’s path.

Made to encourage people to continue battling the good fight amid perilous times, Noah hopes that his poems might just be the guide people need. “I wanted to touch people in a positive way by creatively using words to inspire and to encourage those especially going through a bad period,” he says. “Sometimes a little motivation goes a long way.”

Noah understands the need to maintain an optimistic perspective when it comes to braving the treacherous path of navigating man’s source. Finding God these days has never been so difficult when humans can easily succumb to hate and fear because of how the world works. ‘Psalms of Noah’ grounds the ever-so emotional heart. It fastens it with daily devotions written in lyrical rhymes and warm words that tie with the plans of God.

The author values connection more than anything else. For him, the goal of his book is to connect people back to their roots. See that in every problem, help is just one prayer away. Noah himself is no stranger to creating connections. He is a known philanthropist, Public Health expert, poet, podcaster, and so many more. He has also launched various organizations such as the Zambian Associations Network of the United States (ZANUS) and the Zambian Association of Indiana (ZAIN), and as an addition to his altruistic missions, he is also the founder of Zamaritan, an organization that focuses on general education and reproductive health through the promotion of volunteerism.

‘Psalms of Noah’ is a book that is inspired by the unique lives the author has seen and interacted with. The despair, pain, loss, and hope compiled into a pocket-sized poetry collection that exudes positivity like no other. This book is a testament that no matter how long and winding the road may be, there is always a shed for us to rest on. In a time where uncertainty shrouds the mind like a looming raincloud, following us wherever we find ourselves, a book like this will serve as an umbrella against the impending storm. It is a metaphorical flashlight that illuminates our path inside the pitch-black maze of life. Noah wants his book to assist the readers in their voyage of reclaiming their relationship with God through specks of hope and motivation in every stanza.

Find out more about Noah and his cause by visiting his website:

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