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Five Must-Reads for Your Life's Inspirations

Everybody needs to be inspired now and then. There are many pressures in life. The desire to move forward often becomes much harder to embrace, especially when challenges come almost continuously, one trial after another. It pays to read something that will inspire you to do better and move further- even when things are not going well.

Where else can you get such inspiration? But from the people who have been at their lowest have defied gravity and rose further up to the challenge.

Here are some five inspirational books that you might want to check to be added to your reading collection!

Becoming 50 Something: Stories of Inspiration and Empowerment for Women over 50 by Cheryl Garrison

Who says turning 50 is boring? In this collection of stories, Cheryl Garrison proves that 50 are more exciting and more inspiration than they have ever been in their lives. With more experience, wits, and wisdom, women in their 50’s are more capable of handling different life situations with ease and humor.

Do not be misled. Most of the stories presented in this book come from deep backgrounds and specifically unfathomable pasts. Some might even ask how these women survived their time? How have they come to where they are now and be as happy and satisfied as they are? Every story is a unique representation of the beautiful uniqueness of every woman.

Therapist Stories of Inspiration, Passion, and Renewal by Michael Hoyt

A therapist’s background is a thousand lives rolled in one. In this book by Michael Hoyt, he shares some of the most remarkable cases he has worked on. While respecting the privacy of everyone he features in the book, he gives his readers a glimpse of what real heroes look like and what it feels to talk to them.

Wildflower Kiss from Heaven: a story of loss, grief, and growth by Natalia Shudruk

Natalie Shudruk gives a detailed life process she has gone through between loss, grief, and growth. Her personal experience makes this book a terrific read, especially for those who are going through the pains of losing a loved one. Finding a way of acceptance and using it to grow is a journey that is not easy to embrace, but when you finally get to the point of understanding everything, Natalie points out that it will also be love that will help you survive the grief.

Etchings on My Mind: Perils of Life and Changing Times by Mary Brock

Amidst all the different situations that she had to face, Mary Brock etched down her experience and hoped to give the inspiration needed by anyone going through the ups and downs of life. Her story points out that even in the midst of hard-to-deal-with situations, there is something good to learn from every situation. Even bad experiences create definitive marks in human lives.

Fleeing Polio on Wings: Like the Eagle by Barbara Ker-Mann

Polio may make a person immobile. But it depends on a person who suffers from this condition. It depends on how he faces the challenge. In her story, Barbara Ker-Mann notes the suffering and gives light on how polio may have changed her life for the better. Amid almost losing mobility, she was able to feel the need to adapt and realized that this adaptation has undoubtedly made her a better person.

Reading these books in your spare time surely gives you a reason to smile and make your time all worth your while. Getting inspiration from the lives of others certainly connects us with others.

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