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Forever Dawns: Yesterday and The Future

What happened to the people after God took them away along with their city Enoch? Was this righteous populace just put on ice, frozen in time, until the occasion came to restore them to the earth? What if the answers lie in the past? These are the question's author Ken Normanton wondered in his younger years, which too guided him in his artistic pursuits in writing.

'Forever Dawns' is the book series he had written. It is the combination of Book 1, 'Forever Dawns Rising: Our yesterdays are written into our futures,' and book 2, 'Forever Dawns Rescue Earth: Saturn the old enemy returns.' The story brings us back to some thousands of years ago when the indigenous people of this planet encountered an alien. It highlights a journey linking the past with the present and future. When Marc, the protagonist, asks for further enlightenment, he is taken back into his past before he was born. "Pre-existence is not an invention of the author's imagination and only updated from the original idea in the dream after I sort clarification independently that shed light on the inquiry. It attempts to answer the age-old question of where we come from, why we are here, and where we are going."

When asked about his book inspiration, interestingly, the author notes, "I've always felt the story chose me to write it rather than any inspiration." The narrative first came to him when he was eight, during a dream sequence over several nights. He resisted putting the thoughts into words because "I don't think the story required telling back then; I had no skills or experience to put meat on the bones." But it has never let him go until over a few months in 2016, when it finally left his head and became alive in print. The story's core was already typed in note form for a long time but never in a format to constitute a novel. His inspiration flowed like a river once the work began, with ideas coming through one after another.

Ken Normanton was born and bred a Yorkshire lad who now resides in Nottingham, for the past twenty-six years, twenty-three of which in Hucknall. He's a husband of an incredible woman, Maria, from Ecuador, whom he met through the church, who is an anchor and influencer to most of his thinking. His profession is in IT, where he takes care of a few client's computers through his business.

While his book 'Forever Dawns' is science fiction because of the spacey stuff, it also has a religious angle. 'My thoughts have always focused on the craft itself, showing the realization of humankind's true potential in mortality, having understood and put into practice those attributes that accelerated their progenitors on to this new level.'

If you, too, have a queer interest in venturing humanity's limitless capabilities, Forever Dawns is perfect for you.

Grab a copy of Ken Normanton's books and know more about his life events by following his social media sites:

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