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Friendship’s Over: When Friends Break Your Heart

Many people would agree that most friendships are stronger than romantic relationships. As good as it can get, the best bond of friendship can also bring the most painful heartbreak in your life.

You might be familiar with the saying "bros before hoes" or "sisters before misters" - it is a pact that friends create to remind themselves that no man or woman could and should ever ruin their friendship. Unfortunately, there are ruined friendships because of betrayal, or worse, cheating.

Unfaithfulness doesn't have to mean the end of a relationship – it depends on the situation and the individuals involved. It's not for anybody else to pass judgment whether or not you should stay. It's a profoundly personal choice, and one that you can make with conviction either way, but when infidelity happened because your lover falls in love with your best friend, that is a different story.

There is a similar story of infidelity in the book of Katie Santee called Passions and Pleasure. The story is entitled She’s Mine, and it was a story of a guy who falls in love with his wife's friend. He made a move, and unexpected things happened between him and his wife's friend- things that will undoubtedly lead to the destruction of their marriage and the tearing down of his wife's friendship.

Infidelity will surely break friendships harshly. Breakups are not exclusive to intimate relationships only. The painful and potentially agonizing process that we associate with partnerships can also involve friendships.

Friendships will cultivate our happiness, and with their ends, our happiness can fade momentarily. Confusion, sadness, and frustration can ensue during this difficult time. When a romantic relationship ends, it sure does break your heart, but when friendships end, the pain will certainly leave a void in your heart for a long time. You will even start thinking about whether you can trust someone to be your friend ever again.

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