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Friendship Within the Family: The Tool For A Happy Life

Although quite the same, family and friendship still have thin boundaries that set them apart. Commonly, people will tell you that blood is thicker than water. However, the quote no longer works these days due to family feuds that often cause a destructive crack in family relationships. For this reason, many of us are way closer and open to those people whom we don’t even know fully. We trust our friends more than our family, and we share a lot of love, stories, and struggles we can’t even talk about with our siblings and parents. This particular matter is alarming because it only portrays a significant wake-up call that family relationships are getting weaker day by day.

We should also treat our family like a friend we can run to during the hard times and laugh with during happy moments. Even though family separation is the usual issue these days, we should not let it weaken our will to create a better family friendship. Because if the spirit of blood and water are together, then it shall never be broken. On top of that, always show love and compassion to a family member who is still with you. Create a relationship with them more resonant than the word family and friendship; always yearn for their presence and make them feel that they are the only people you need in life. Because in the end, it will be them who will have the heart to help you without hesitation.

Can’t See Around Corners, written by Josie Townsend, is about fraternal twins who lost their friendship and closeness after they set apart. Afterward, many shocking secrets are revealed between them, which stained a disfigured scar in their sisterhood. Indeed, it is a story in which everyone who lost their relationship with their family members due to bitter jealousy, deceit, evilness, and betrayal can sense a deeper connection with the novel. Additionally, Josie Townsend wrote the book engagingly, concisely, and emotionally. It entertains a soul with its flawless story plot, but it also mirrors a specific sorrow we are all guilty of.

Will the twin sisters find their way back to the friendship and sisterhood they built long ago?

Like our lives, we will never see the end of the story unless we open the book and let our hearts unravel the words in our minds. Doubtlessly, Can’t See Around Corners is a must-read book, especially for people who struggle with family relationships.

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