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From Fantasy to Reality through the story of The Dark Taal by Dean GE Matthews

Fantasy is what brings people out of their comfort zones into a world without limitations. While this may be true for other writers, there is a difference in how Dean GE Matthews identifies with the concept of fantasy in his work The Dark Taal. 

The book revolves around a series of connections and relationships that the characters share. Instead of focusing more on the fantasy, Dean Matthews tries to create a comparative mirror between the modern society and the classical community that defines the life and the world of the people whom he wanted to introduce to his readers. 

Although there are circumstances, settings, and storylines that are purely created from his imagination, Dean Matthews has tried as much as he could to relate to his readers. Part of his background as a writer is creating stories that determine the complex issues of the world today by setting up the story outside of normalcy. 

Somehow, Dean Matthews explores the possibility by which humans are able to live in a condition where they cannot be directed by their emotions when they tend to decide on matters. He tries to challenge the fact that humans are becoming too invested in their emotions, therefore going through a lot of complications in the process.

On the other hand, he also intends to present to his readers that what makes humans the way they tend to be, the very things that create complications in their being. The inability to connect with others is often because of one’s attachment to his desires. The insistence of one’s demands and desires to others often creates tense relationships between families and friends. In his story, Dean Matthews tries to create a new picture, presenting emotion more of a supportive factor and create healthier relationships with others rather than a factor of misunderstanding and conflicts among humans and societies.

In a way, even when there are conflicts, better rational thinking on the part of those who were involved, would be the key to creating a vast picture of improved social growth. One way or another, every individual is a part of a certain circle in the community. Every circle creates the whole community, which also identifies with the growth of the whole society.

The way the characters were presented in the story of The Dark Taal certainly gives readers a chance to rethink the way they handle their own relationships, especially when inevitable conflicts arise. This story by Dean GE Matthews is undoubtedly an excellent find for those who love fantasy stories and those who are willing to see things more differently and learn more from the life lessons that the story has to offer.

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